Stan Kenton

Full Name Stanley Newcomb Kenton
15 December 1911, Wichita, Kansas
Died: 25 August 1979, Hollywood, California
Principle instrument

Artistry in Rhythm
Opus in Pastels
Stan Kenton

Stan Kenton utilized dozens of composers and arrangers during the more than three decades that he led a jazz orchestra. Many were giants in their own right who went on to have critically acclaimed careers. But it was always Kenton himself who was the architect of the sounds emanating from his bands. read more…

From the article, Stan Kenton: Master Dramatist, by Terry Vosbein. Presented at the IAJE International Conference, New York, January 2006

Capitol albums arranged by Kenton

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Kenton With Voices (1957)

The Ballad Style of Stan Kenton (1958)

Unissued Ballad Album (1961)

The Romantic Approach (1961)

Stan Kenton! Tex Ritter! (1962)

Artistry In Bossa Nova (1963)

Kenton / Wagner (1964)

Plays For Today (1966)

The World We Know (1967)

Finian’s Rainbow (1968)

Arrangements & compositions

No list can ever be complete. There were hundreds of arrangements written and performed of which no record remains. This is the most accurate list to date. Pieces that were co-written or arranged with Pete Rugolo are not listed. Dynaflow is omitted because it is the author’s view that Kenton made little or no contribution to the arrangement. Titles are placed in the first year in which they appeared. Duplicate titles imply different arrangements.

* indicates original composition

007 * (1965)
109 *
112 *
A-Ting A-Ling (1955)
Adios (1941)
After You (1957) The Modern Men vocal
All About Ronnie (1957) The Modern Men vocal
All the Things You Are (1961) mellophoniums
Alone Too Long (1954)
Anna (1966)
April In Paris (1961) mellophoniums
Arkansas Traveler (1941)
Around the Town (One Twenty) (1945)
Artistry in Blues * (1957)
Artistry in Bossa Nova (Artistry in Bolero) * (1963) mellophoniums
Artistry in Rhythm * (1940)
Artistry in Rhythm * (1963) mellophoniums
Artistry in Tango * (1951)
Artistry Jumps * (1945)
Autumn In New York (1961) mellophoniums
Autumn Leaves (1961) mellophoniums
Ay, Ay, Ay (1940)
Balboa Bash (Number Seven) (1944)
The Bandit of Brazil (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
Begin the Beguine
Begin the Beguine (1945)
Beside Balboa Bay (1958) band vocal
Blues (1947)
Blues in F Minor (1942)
Body and Soul (1940)
Body and Soul (1961) mellophoniums
Brasilla * (1963)
Casanova (1955) Ann Richards vocal
Changing Times * (1967)
Christmas Medley (1961) mellophoniums
Cimarron (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer (1943) Red Dorris vocal
Concerto for Doghouse (A Setting in Motion) * (1941) Howard Rumsey feature
Concerto to End All Concertos * (1946)
Concerto to End All Concertos * (1963) mellophoniums
Cool Water (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
Cumana (1966)
La Cumparsita (1941)
Dancing in The Dark (1957) The Modern Men vocal
Dark Eyes (1955)
The Days of Wine and Roses (1967)
Don’t Let Me Dream (1945) Gene Howard vocal
Don’t Take Your Love From Me (1954)
Dragnet (1966)
Eager Beaver * (1943)
Eager Beaver * (1957)
Eager Beaver * (1963) mellophoniums
Early Autumn (1958)
Easy Go * (1950)
Easy to Love (1947)
Elegy (1941)
Empty Saddles (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
The End of a Love Affair (1958)
Etude for Saxophones * (1940)
Falling (1955) Ann Richards vocal
Fantasy * (1946)
Flamenco * (1957) band vocal
Flamingo (1942)
Fools Rush In (1961) mellophoniums
Girl Talk (1967)
Gloomy Sunday (1967)

God Has His Arms Around Me (1957)
Great Come-And-Get-It Day (1968)
The Green Leaves of Summer (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
The Handwriting’s on The Wall (1955) Ann Richards vocal
Harbor Lights (1958) band vocal
Harlem Folk Dance * (1941)
Harlem Holiday (A Message to Harlem) * (1947)
High Noon (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
Hold Back the Dawn (1942) Red Dorris vocal
Hold In Reserve (1961) mellophoniums
Home on The Range (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
How Am I To Know? (1958)
How Deep Is the Ocean? (1945) Gene Howard vocal
How Deep Is the Ocean? (1958)
How Many Hearts Have You Broken (1944) Gene Howard vocal
Hush-A-Bye (1953) band vocal
I Can’t Get Started (1941)
I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You (1958)
I Don’t Want to Walk Without You (1961)
I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good (1941) Kay Gregory vocal
I Knew You When (1953) The Four Freshmen vocal
I Know Why (1941) Kay Gregory vocal
I Only Have Eyes for You (1944)
I Understand (1961) mellophoniums
I Was the Last One to Know (1960) Ann Richards vocal
I’ll Be Around (1943) Red Dorris vocal
I’ll Be Seeing You (1953) The Four Freshmen vocal
I’ll Close My Eyes (1958) band vocal
I’ll Remember April (1944) Gene Howard vocal
I’m Glad There Is You (1961) mellophoniums
I’ve Got the World on A String (1952)
If I Had Love (1941) Red Dorris vocal
If I Had You (1961) mellophoniums
If This Isn’t Love (1968)
Ill Wind (1958)
Imagination (1961) mellophoniums
Imagine  (1967)
In the Blue of The Evening (1958) band vocal
Interchange (Five Before Four) * (1967)
Interlude (1957) The Modern Men vocal
Interlude (1963) mellophoniums
Invitation (1967)
It Was a Very Good Year (1966)
It Was a Very Good Year (1967)
It’s Been a Long, Long Time (1945) June Christy vocal
Jump for Joe (1963) mellophoniums
June Christy * (1950) June Christy vocal
Kentonova * (1963)
The Lady in Red (1954)
Lady Luck (1960)
Lamento Gitano (1940)
The Last Round-Up (1962) Tex Ritter vocal
Laura (1951) band vocal
Lazy Daisy * (1952)
Lemon Twist (1957)
Loco-Nova * (1963) mellophoniums
Love Death from “Tristan und Isolde” (1964)
Love Turns Winter to Spring (1941) Red Dorris vocal
Lullaby of The Leaves (1957) The Modern Men vocal
Malaguena (1955)
Malaya (1953) The Four Freshmen vocal
Mambo Rhapsody (1952)
A Man and A Woman (1967)
Manhattan Serenade (1943)
Memphis Lament (1941) Red Dorris vocal