Stan Kenton! Tex Ritter!

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LABEL Capitol
NO. 1757
FORMAT 12” Record
PRODUCER Lee Gillette
LOCATION Capitol Tower Studios, Hollywood
RECORDING DATE 26, 29, 30 March 1962


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1. The Bandit Of Brazil (Alfredo Nascimento, John Turner & Michael Carr)
arr. Stan Kenton

2. The Green Leaves Of Summer (Dmitri Tiomkin)
arr. Stan Kenton

3. Home On The Range (Traditional, arr. David Guion)
arr. Stan Kenton

4. Wagon Wheels (Billy Hill & Peter DeRose)
arr. Stan Kenton

5. Empty Saddles (Billy Hill)
arr. Stan Kenton

6. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) (Dmitri Tiomkin & Ned Washington)
arr. Stan Kenton

7. Cool Water (Bob Nolan)
arr. Stan Kenton

8. September Song (Kurt Weill & Maxwell Anderson)
arr. Stan Kenton

9. Red River Valley (Traditional, arr. Tex Ritter)
arr. Stan Kenton

10. Cimarron (Roll On) (Johnny Bond)
arr. Stan Kenton

11. Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle (Walter Samuels, Teddy Powell & Leonard Whitcup)
arr. Lennie Niehaus

12. The Last Round-Up (Billy Hill)
arr. Stan Kenton


Tex Ritter


Ray Starling
Dwight Carver
Gene Roland
Carl Saunders

Bob Fitzpatrick
Dee Barton
Bud Parker
Jim Amlotte (b-tb)

Tuba, b-tb
Dave Wheeler

Piano, celeste
Stan Kenton

Don Bagley

Console guitar
Alvino Rey

Art Anton

Mike Pacheco

Lex De Azevedo replaces Kenton (out due to illness) and Lennie Niehaus conducts on 30 March 1962.