Live at Redlands University – Outtakes

LOCATION Memorial Chapel, Redlands University, Redlands, California
3-5 August 1970

Of these five tracks, four were recorded again for subsequent Creative World releases, and one had been recorded previously for Capitol. Ken Hanna is represented by three titles, two originals and his arrangement of a Michel Legrand standard. What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life was to become a staple of Kenton concerts for years to come. In this early version there is an orchestral introduction that precedes the familiar piano melody. Bogota, here featuring conga player Effain Logreira, would later become Ramon Lopez’s property.

It is fascinating to listen to Kenton awkwardly introduce Willie Maiden’s tone poem, Orgasm. It is no wonder that the name was changed to Height of Ecstasy by the time it was recorded for the Live at Butler album.


PLAYWhat Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (Michel Legrand & Marilyn and Alan Bergman)
arr. by Ken Hanna
solos: Kenton (p) Davis (as)

PLAYBogota (Ken Hanna)
arr. by Ken Hanna
solos: Logreira (conga) Shearer (tb) Torres (ts) Vax (tp) Gale (m-tp)

PLAYLonely Windrose (Ken Hanna)
arr. by Ken Hanna
solos: Kenton (p)/Davis (f) Shearer (tb) Gale (tp)

PLAYOrgasm (Height of Ecstasy) (Willie Maiden)
arr. by Willie Maiden

PLAYReuben’s Blues (Gene Roland)
arr. Gene Roland
solos: Torres (ts)


Alto sax, flute
Quin Davis

Tenor sax, flute
Richard Torres
Norm Smith

Bari sax
Willie Maiden

Bari & bass sax, flute
Jim Timlin

Mike Vax
Jim Kartchner
Dennis Noday
Warren Gale
Joe Ellis

Dick Shearer
Mike Jamieson
Fred Carter
Tom Bridges (b-tb)
Graham Ellis (b-tb, tuba)

Stan Kenton

Gary Todd

John Von Ohlen

Effrain Logreira