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LABEL Capitol
NO. H 190
FORMAT 10” Record


1. Artistry In Rhythm (Production On Theme) (Stan Kenton)
arr. by Stan Kenton
solos: Vernon (d) Kenton (p)
[19 November 1943]

2. Eager Beaver (Stan Kenton)
arr. Stan Kenton
solos: Dorris (ts) Kenton (p) Dorris (ts)
[19 November 1943]

3. Collaboration (Pete Rugolo)
arr. Pete Rugolo
solos: Kenton (p) Winding (tb)
[28 February 1947]

4. The Peanut Vendor (Moises Simons, Marion Sunshine & Wolfe Gilbert)
head arrangement
solo: Bernhart (tb)
[6 December 1943]

5. Intermission Riff (Ray Wetzel)
head arrangement
solos: Kenton (p)/Safranski (b) Musso (ts) Mussulli (as)
[14 January 1946]

6. Concerto To End All Concertos (Stan Kenton)
arr. Stan Kenton
solos: Kenton (p) Musso (ts) Wetzel (tp) Mussulli (as)
[26 July 1946]

7. Artistry Jumps (Stan Kenton)
arr. Stan Kenton
solos: Kenton (p)/Safranski (b) Musso (ts)
[30 October 1945]

Added to 12" LP


Bongo Riff

Theme to the West

How Am I To Know

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T 190 — 12” LP

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Creative World reissue — ST-1047 — 12” LP