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LABEL Capitol
NO. H 155
FORMAT 10" Record
PRODUCER Lee Gillette / Jim Conkling
LOCATION Radio Recorders, Hollywood


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1. Chorale For Brass, Piano and Bongo (Prologue Suite - 2) (Pete Rugolo & Stan Kenton)
arr. by Pete Rugolo
solos: Costanza (bongo) Kenton (p)
[24 September 1947]

2. Abstraction (Prologue Suite - 3) (Pete Rugolo & Stan Kenton)
arr. by Pete Rugolo
solos: Weidler (as)/Cooper (ts) Kenton (p)
[25 September 1947]

3. Somnambulism (Ken Hanna)
arr. by Ken Hanna
solos: Kenton (p) Mussulli (as) Winding (tb) Layton (tb) Childers (tp) Safranski (b)
[22 December 1947]

4. Capitol Punishment (Rhythm Incorporated - Part 2) (Pete Rugolo & Stan Kenton)
arr. by Pete Rugolo
[27 February 1947]

5. He’s Funny That Way (Neil Moret AKA Charles Daniels & Richard Whiting)
arr. by Pete Rugolo
Vocal by June Christy
[7 June 1946]

6. Peg O’ My Heart (Fred Fisher & Alfred Bryan)
arr. by Pete Rugolo
solos: Kenton (p)/Safranski (b) Musso (ts) Alvarez (tp) Winding (tb) Anthony (as)
[7 June 1946]

added on 45 rpm and 12” releases:

7. Painted Rhythm (Stan Kenton)
arr. by Stan Kenton
solos: Kenton (p)/Safranski (b) Musso (ts) Simms (tb)
[30 October 1945]

8. Lover (Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart)
arr. by Pete Rugolo
[31 March 1947]

added to Creative World release:

all of the above, plus:


Please Be Kind

Journey to Brazil

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EBF 115 — two 45rpm 7” records

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