One Night Stand

Tuesday, 27 September 1945

Cafe Rouge of Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC

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1. Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)
arr. Stan Kenton
solo: Kenton (p)

2. I Know That You Know (Vincent Youmans & Anne Caldwell)
arr. by Joe Rizzo
solo: solo: Mussulli (as)

3. Solitude (Duke Ellington)
arr. Pete Rugolo
solo: Simms (tb)

4. Tampico (Allan Roberts & Doris Fletcher)
arr. Gene Roland
vocal: June Christy

5. The Man I Love (George Gershwin)
arr. Boots Mussulli
solo: Mussulli

6. Southern Scandal (Stan Kenton)
arr. Stan Kenton
solos: Safranski (b) Zito (tb)

7. And There You Are
arr. unknown
vocal: Gene Howard

8. I Surrender Dear (Harry Barris & Gordon Clifford)
arr. Boots Mussulli
solo: Childers (tp)

9. It’s Been a Long, Long Time (Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn)
arr. Stan Kenton
solos: Kenton (p)/Safranski (b)
vocal: June Christy

10. Taboo (Margarita Lecuona & Bob Russell)
arr. Stan Kenton
solo: Alvarez (tp)

10. Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)
arr. Stan Kenton
solo: Kenton (p)


Alto sax
Al Anthony, Boots Mussulli

Tenor sax
Bob Cooper, Bill McDougald

Bari sax
Bob Gioga

Buddy Childers, Ray Wetzel, John Anderson, Russ Burgher, Bob Lymperis

Freddie Zito, Jimmy Simms, Milt Kabak, Bart Varsalona

Stan Kenton

Eddie Safranski

Bob Ahern

Bob Varney

June Christy
Gene Howard