Concert in Miniature

Tuesday, 13 October 1953

Birdland, New York City

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1. Sweets (Bill Russo)
arr. by Bill Russo
solos: Candoli (tp) Burgess (tb)/Rosolino (tb) Schildkraut (as) Sims (ts) Childers (tp)

2. Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen)
arr. by Bill Russo
solo: Burgess (tb)

3. Bags (Bill Holman)
arr. by Bill Holman
solo: Bagley (b)

4. Round Robin (Shorty Rogers)
arr. by Shorty Rogers
solo: Candoli (tp)

Candoli introduces the next selection

5. Interlude (Stan Kenton)
arr. by Stan Kenton
solo: Kenton (p)

6. ‘S Wonderful (George Gershwin)
arr. by Bill Russo
solo: Dennis (tp)

7. The Peanut Vendor (Moises Simons, Marion Sunshine & Wolfe Gilbert)
head arrangement
solos: Salvador (g) Rosolino (tb) Kenton (p)

Kenton discusses the upcoming "Festival of Modern American Jazz" tour and the many artists that will be a part of it.

8. Artistry In Rhythm (Stan Kenton)
arr. by Stan Kenton
solo: Kenton (p)


Alto sax
Dave Schildkraut
Vinnie Dean
Tenor sax
Bill Holman
Zoot Sims
Bari sax
Tony Ferina
Buddy Childers
Vic Minichiello
Conte Candoli
Don Dennis
Don Smith
Bob Burgess
Frank Rosolino
Bill Russo or Milt Gold
Keith Moon
Bob Dockstader (b-tb)
Stan Kenton
Don Bagley
Sal Salvador
Stan Levey