Concert in Miniature

Tuesday, 25 November 1952

Rustic Cabin, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

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1. Young Blood (Gerry Mulligan)
arr. by Gerry Mulligan
solos: Childers (tp) Kamuca (ts) Konitz (as)

Kenton mentions Childers taking the solo on Young Blood because Candoli is out.

2. Francesca (Sherman Feller)
arr. by Pete Rugolo
solos: Rosolino (tb) Konitz (as)

Kenton stops Rosolino after he comes in wrong. He enters again, one beat early again, but the rhythm section adjusts and they keep going.

3. Prologue (Johnny Richards)
arr. by Johnny Richards
The Capitol Recording

4. It’s The Talk Of The Town (Jerry Livingston & Marty Symes & Al Neiburg)
arr. by Bill Russo
solo: Kamuca (ts)

5. Invention For Guitar and Trumpet (Bill Holman)
arr. by Bill Holman
solos: Salvador (g) Ferguson (tp)


Alto sax
Vinnie Dean
Lee Konitz
Tenor sax
Bill Holman
Richie Kamuca
Bari sax
Tony Ferina
Buddy Childers
Maynard Ferguson
Don Dennis
Ruben McFall
Bob Burgess
Bill Russo
Frank Rosolino
Keith Moon
George Roberts (b-tb)
Stan Kenton
Don Bagley
Sal Salvador
Stan Levey