Pete Rugolo

Born 25 December 1915, San Piero, Sicily
Died 16October 2011, Los Angeles, California
Principle instrument piano
Kenton sideman no

If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
Pete Rugolo

When Pete Rugolo joined the Stan Kenton Orchestra as staff arranger in 1945 he brought with him his love of jazz, Stravinsky and Bartók. Given free reign by Kenton he experimented constantly, creating a sound that was at the same time innovative and popular. Although Kenton himself was already creating experimental scores prior to Rugolo’s tenure, it was Rugolo who brought to the band the extra-jazz influences and the ultra-experimental approach that were to dominate the band throughout its existence. read more…

From the article, Pete Rugolo and Progressive Jazz, by Terry Vosbein. Presented at the IAJE International Conference, New York, January 2001.

Arrangements & compositions created for Kenton

* indicates original composition

Across the Alley from the Alamo (1946) June Christy vocal
After You (1946) The Pastels vocal
Afternoon of a Faun (1946) Al Anthony feature
All About Ronnie
All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm
(1951) June Christy vocal
All the Things You Are (1948) June Christy vocal
All the Time (1946) Gene Howard vocal
Angel Eyes (1959) The Four Freshmen vocal
Artistry in Bolero * (1946)
Artistry in Bolero * (1958)
Artistry in Boogie (Tuxedo Boogie) * (1946)
Artistry in Gillespie * (1948)
Artistry in Percussion * (1946) Shelly Manne feature
Artistry in Rhythm (1958)
Avocado June Christy & Gene Howard vocal
Ballade for Drums * (1958)
Be Easy, Be Tender (1950) Jay Johnson vocal
The Bells of St. Mary’s (1946) vocal
Blue Moon (1947)
Blues in Riff (Repetitious Riff) * (1950)
Bongo Riff * (1947)
Brassy (Comes the Villains) * (1970)
But Then You Kissed Me (1950) Jay Johnson vocal
By the River Ste. Marie (1946)
Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (1946) June Christy vocal
Can’t We Talk It Over? (1947)
Carnival Samba (1950) Innovations
Cocktails for Two (1946)
Collaboration * (1946)
Collaboration * (1958)
Come Back to Sorrento (1946) Vido Musso feature
Come Rain or Come Shine (1946) June Christy vocal
Concerto of Love (Concerto to End All Concertos) (1963) choir
Concerto to End All Concertos (1958)
Conflict * (1949) June Christy vocal
Conflict * (1964) Neophonic
Cuban Carnival (Cubana) * (1946)
Curiosity (1947) June Christy vocal
Daydreams in The Night * (Machito) (1963) choir
Don’t Blame Me (1948)
Don’t Want That Man Around (1946) June Christy vocal
Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (1948) The Pastels vocal
Down in Chihuahua (1946) The Pastels vocal
Eager Beaver (1963) choir
East of the Sun (1948)
Easy-Riff * (1947)
Elegy for an Alto * (1947)
The End of The World (Early Duke)
Everybody Knew but Me
Everything I Have is Yours
(1947) trumpet feature
Flame (Artistry in Bolero) * (1963) choir
Francesca (1951)
Freddy (1955) Ann Richards vocal
Fugue for Rhythm Section * (1947)
Get Happy (1950) June Christy vocal
Go with The National Guard (1960)
Gone with the Wind (1947) vocal
Great Scott (1953) June Christy vocal)
Hambeth * (1948) Milt Bernhart feature
He Was a Good Man as Good Men Go (1947) June Christy vocal
He’s Funny That Way (1946) June Christy vocal
His Feet Too Big for De Bed (1946) June Christy & The Pastels vocal
The Hot Canary (1951)
A Hundred Years from Today (1951) Jay Johnson vocal
I Cover the Waterfront (1947) vocal
I Cover the Waterfront (1952) Jerri Winters vocal
I Don’t Know Why, I Just Do (1946) Gene Howard vocal
I Get a Kick Out of You (1948)
I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good (1947) June Christy vocal
I Got the Sun in The Morning (1946) June Christy vocal
I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out (1947) June Christy vocal
I Want to Be Happy (1959) June Christy vocal
I’ll Bet You Do (1947) The Pastels vocal
I’ll Remember April (1947) June Christy vocal
I’m So in the Mood (1950) Jay Johnson vocal
I’ve Got the World on a String (1946)
I’ve Had My Moments (1948)
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows (1959) The Four Freshmen vocal
I’m Yours (1946) Gene Howard vocal
If I Could Be With You (1946)
Impressionism * (1946)
Interlude * (1947)
Interlude * (1958)
Intermezzo *(1951)
Intermission Riff (1963) choir
It Could Happen to You (1960) June Christy vocal
It’s A Pity to Say Goodnight (1946) June Christy vocal
It’s Love (Sunset Tower) (1963) choir
It’s A Most Unusual Day (1959) June Christy vocal
June’s Bop * (1948) June Christy vocal
Just Squeeze Me (1947) The Pastels vocal
Lament * (1947) Laurindo Almeida feature
Laura (1952)
Let There Be Love (1960) June Christy vocal
Lonely Woman (1947) instrumental
Lonely Woman (1947) June Christy vocal

Lonesome Road * (1949) Innovations June Christy vocal
Love for Sale (1948)
Lover (1946)
Lover Man (1946)
Lullaby in Rhythm (1948) June Christy vocal
Lush Waltz * (1958)
Lush Waltz * (1965) Neophonic
Machito * (1946)
Machito * (1958)
The Man I Love (1953)
Mardi Gras (1950) band vocal
Metronome Riff (Pete’s Riff) *(1947)
The Midnight Sun (1959) June Christy vocal
Minor Riff * (1947)
Mirage * (1950)
Monotony * (1947)
Moonlove (Collaboration) * (1963) choir
My Heart Belongs to Only You (1953) June Christy vocal
Never Too Late to Pray (1945) Gene Howard vocal
Night Song (Artistry in Rhythm) (1963) choir
Now He Tells Me (1947) vocal
Once in A While (1947)
One Hundred Years From Today (1948)
One More for The Road (1950)
Opus A Dollar Three Eighty (1944)
Opus in Chartreuse (1958)
Orange Colored Sky (1950) Nat King Cole vocal
Out of Space (Monotony) (1963)
Over the Rainbow (1947) June Christy vocal
Over the Rainbow (1948)
Pagliacci (1950) Vido Musso feature
Painted Rhythm (1958)
Painted Rhythm (1963) choir
Paper Doll (1959) The Four Freshmen vocal
Peg O’ My Heart (1946)
Pepper Pot (1951) Art Pepper feature
Pete’s Idea * (1948)
Please Be Kind (1946) June Christy vocal
Prelude to A Kiss (1951) Jay Johnson vocal
Prologue Suite – Movement 1 (Introduction to A Latin Rhythm) * (1947)
Prologue Suite – Movement 2 (Chorale for Brass, Piano and Bongo) * (1947)
Prologue Suite – Movement 3 (Abstraction)* (1947)
Prologue Suite – Movement 4 (Journey to Brazil) * (1947)
Rhythm Incorporated – Part 1 *
Rhythm Incorporated – Part 2
(Capitol Punishment) *
Rhythms at Work (1948)
Rika-Jika Jack (1946) June Christy vocal
A Rose for David (1958)
Safranski (Artistry in Bass) * (1946) Eddie Safranski feature
Salute to the Americas * (1949) Innovations
Santa Lucia (1950) Vido Musso feature
Save the Bones for Henry Jones Ray Wetzel & Eddie Bert vocal
Say It Isn’t So (1947)
September in the Rain (1948) Jay Johnson vocal
September Song (1950) Jay Johnson vocal
Sepulveda (1946) Ray Wetzel vocal
Sergeants’ Mess * (1944)
She’s Funny That Way (1946) vocal
Show Me A Big Man (1947) vocal
Solitaire (1963) choir
Solitude (1945)
Something Cool (1953) June Christy vocal
Song for Trombone * (1947) Ray Klein feature
Soothe Me (1947) June Christy vocal
Sophisticated Lady (1946) Eddie Safranski feature
Sort of Bluesy * (1970)
The Spider and The Fly (1947) June Christy & The Pastels
Stardust (1951) Jerri Winters vocal
Styled for Christy (1948) June Christy vocal
Taking A Chance on Love (1952) Kay Brown vocal
That’s the Least You Can Do (1946) Gene Howard vocal
Them There Eyes (1959) The Four Freshmen vocal
Theme for Alto * (1948)
Theme for My Lady (Theme for Alto) * (1958)
Theme for Sunday (1958)
Theme to the West * (1946)
There Is No Greater Love (1947) The Pastels vocal
There’s No You Jay Johnson vocal
These Wonderful Things (Lush Waltz) * (1963) choir
They Didn’t Believe Me (1948) June Christy vocal
This Is My Theme (1947) June Christy vocal
Three Bop (Three Mothers) * (1948)
Three Little Words (1948) vocal
Trom-Boneria * (1970)
Unison Riff (The Fatal Apple) * (1946)
Until the Real Thing Comes Along (1946) Gene Howard vocal
When Your Lover Has Gone (1947)
Who’s Got a Tent for Rent? (1946)
Who’s That Knocking? (1946) Red Dorris vocal
Who’s Got a Tent for Rent (1946) Ray Wetzel vocal
Willow Weep for Me (1946) June Christy vocal
Yardbird Suite (1948)
Yesterdays (1946)
You Go to My Head (1945)
You’re Blasé (1948) vocal
You’re Mine, You (1948