The Unrecorded Progressive Jazz

Due to the strike called by the American Federation of Musicians, there are very few studio recordings of the Progressive Jazz Orchestra, beyond the album recorded in 1947. Several artists have “discovered” these lost treasures and recorded and/or performed them in more recent years. Below are some examples.

Terry Vosbein and the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra

Artistry in Gillespie (Pete Rugolo, 1948)PLAYCuban Pastorale (Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAYWalkin’ by the River (Una Mae Carlisle & Robert Sour, arr. by Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAYRhythms at Work (Pete Rugolo, 1948)PLAYDon’t Blame Me (Jimmy McHugh & Dorothy Fields, arr. by Pete Rugolo, 1948)PLAYHambeth (Pete Rugolo, 1948)PLAY

Werner Herbers and the Ebony Band

Afternoon (Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAYAutumn in New York (Vernon Duke, arr. by Bob Graettinger, 1947)PLAYLover Man (Roger “Ram” Ramirez et al, arr. by Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAYMolshoaro (Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAYCity of Glass (Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAY

Ray Smith and BYU Synthesis

Hollywood Turmoil (Pete Rugolo, 1947)PLAYTemptation (Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed, arr. Pete Rugolo, 1947)PLAYLaura (David Raksin, arr. Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAYApril In Paris (Vernon Duke and Yip Harburg, arr. Bob Graettinger, 1948)PLAY