Here's to the Veterans

The aim of this series of radio shows was to make contact with former service men and women who may not have received the benefits available to them, and to enable them to make contact with others who served with them. The show gave the VA office address and telephone details and urged them to make contact.

Each show was 15 minutes long. The series began being aired on 23 May 1946, and numerous different personalities were used to speak a message to Veterans and to introduce music.

These, in over 1500 shows, feature Stan Kenton. Each one has an introductory message spoken by Stan, leaving 11 minutes or so for music. Unlike most radio shows, there was not an opening or closing item of music common to all shows.

Each show begins and ends with a few bars of Artistry In Rhythm. Up to and including HTV-419, this recording was from the Capitol one of 1943; from HTV-451 it was a few bars of Artistry In Rhythm from the Capitol recording of 9 July 1953.

You used to see these offered for sale on Auction Lists. Apart from the few exceptions noted, there is nothing on them that is 'unissued' since all the Kenton material comes from issued recordings.

However, some people are interested in them, or used to be but maybe not much now, as they were issued long before the CD age.

The one allegedly emanating from the Tropicana has an introduction that sounds very live from there, maybe it was genuine, maybe it was not, don't know, but the music is from the well known vinyl album recorded there.

Plus there is more than one bloomer that escaped any checking by whoever should have done such a thing. 

These first Kenton ones from 1948 onwards, are on 16” coarse groove discs, made by Allied Record Manufacturing Co.

– Ed Chaplin

Complied by Ed Chaplin

HTV-195 – Lover / Artistry In Bolero / The Peanut Vendor.

HTV-233 – Love For Sale / Orange Colored Sky / Easy Go.

HTV-274 – Jump For Joe / September Song / Dynaflow.

HTV-419 – The Lady In Red / Under A Blanket Of Blue / Don’t Take Your Love From Me – assumed broadcast in 1954.

HTV-451 – Prologue (from The KENTON ERA set) / Dusk – edited; same set– I assume this show was aired in 1955 or later.

HTV-567 – Temptation / All About Ronnie / Opus In Chartreuse / Dancing In The Dark (all from KENTON WITH VOICES).

The ones below come from 1959 and after, and are 12” micro-groove vinyl discs, like LPs.

HTV-727 – Mexican Jumping Bean / Chocolate Caliente (both from VIVA KENTON) / On The Street Where You Live (from THE STAGE DOOR SWINGS). Stan’s sign-off voiceover is an error – here his sign-off is a repeat of the one done for HTV-567 as he mentions Ann Richards and the Modern Men, none of which appear in this show.

HTV-738 – Opus In Chartreuse Cha Cha Cha (from VIVA KENTON) / Ill Wind (from STANDARDS IN SILHOUETTE) / Lover (from KENTON IN HI-FI).

HTV-774 – Opening Theme / Bernie’s Tune / Street Scene / Random Riff – voiceover (all from AT THE TROPICANA).

HTV-782 – Gee, Officer Krupke (the 45 rpm single version not WEST SIDE STORY album version) / All The Things You Are / Say It Isn’t So (from THE SOPHISTICATED APPROACH) / Lullaby Of Broadway (incomplete – voiceover from THE STAGE DOOR SWINGS).

HTV-839 – Tonight (from WEST SIDE STORY) / Night At The Gold Nugget (from ADVENTURES IN BLUES) / Maria (from WEST SIDE STORY).

HTV-1006 – Tonight (from WEST SIDE STORY) / These Wonderful Things / Eager Beaver (from VOICES IN BRASS).

HTV-1031 – Ride Of The Valkyries / Tristan & Isolde / Prelude to Act 3 of Lohengrin. (from PLAYS WAGNER).

HTV-1181 – Tonight (from WEST SIDE STORY) / Tampico (1945 recording) / Eager Beaver (1943 recording – edited without Red Dorris’ solo) / Lover (1946 recording).

HTV-1210 (Not 1250 as has been shown in error in some discographies) – Good Morning Starshine / Where Do I Go? / Frank Mills / Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In / Hair (the last two songs are otherwise unissued CAPITOL recordings, not the same as on the KENTON PLAYS HAIR LP) – see THE STUDIO SESSIONS – pp 192/3.

HTV-1286 – Sunny / Imagine (MISTAKE - Stan announces Imagine as the title tune from our new album!) / Girl Talk / The World We Knew (from THE WORLD WE KNOW).

HTV-1350 – Riff Rhapsody / Riff Raff / Artistry In Blues / Design For Blue / part repeat of Riff Rhapsody. Narration is by Dave Dexter not Stan Kenton. All are from Dutch Capitol LP M-11027 - ARTISTRY IN JAZZ.

*HTV-1469 – Once Upon A Time / Free / Alone (from KENTON PLAYS CHICAGO).

HTV-1474 – O Come All Ye Faithful / O Tannenbaum / O Holy Night / The 12 Days of Christmas (from KENTON’S CHRISTMAS) – programme made for broadcast before Christmas 1974 using Capitol recordings of 1961.

*HTV-1478 – Live And Let Die / MISTAKE – next is announced as ‘Theme from The Godfather’, but music played is ‘Blue Gene’ / 2002 (from 7.5 ON THE RICHTER SCALE).

*HTV-1493 – Here’s That Rainy Day / MacArthur Park / The Peanut Vendor (from REDLANDS).

[the highest numbered HTV show known to me, is HTV-1504; presented by Jack Teagarden, and was not a Kenton programme.]

* These use Creative World not CAPITOL recordings.

NUMBER ERRORS IN AUCTION LISTS SEEN: HTV-329 is not a Kenton disc; HTV-467 in some lists is a typo, seemingly for 567.