Kenton Live

17 March 1968

Packard Music Hall
Warren, Ohio

Although the quality of the audio found here is poor, it was felt that the material was historically significant enough to present it as is.

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Tracks 1-8

Tracks 10-15


1. Here’s That Rainy Day (arr. Dee Barton)
solo: Daversa (fl-h)

2. Girl Talk (arr. Stan Kenton)

3. Three Thoughts (Dee Barton)
Solos: Barton (d) Reed (as) Daversa (tp)

4. Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)
solo: Kenton (p)

5. A Man and a Woman (arr. Stan Kenton)

6. Intermission Riff (Ray Wetzel)
solos: Reed (as) Daversa (tp) Altschul (ts)

7. Gloomy Sunday (arr. Stan Kenton)

8. Dilemma (Dee Barton)
solo: Daversa (tp)

10. Tonight

11. The Blues Story (Gene Roland)

12. Limehouse Blues (arr. Bill Holman)

13. Woman (Dee Barton)

14. The Peanut Vendor (head arrangement)

Stan speaks and band sings Happy Birthday

15. Taboo


Alto sax
Ray Reed

Tenor sax
Mike Altschul, Bob Crosby

Bari sax
Dick Yeager, Earle Dumler

Mike Price, Jim Kartchner, Carl Leach, John Madrid, Jay Daversa

Dick Shearer, Tom Whittaker, Shelley Denny, Joe Rendazzo, Bob Goodwin

Stan Kenton

John Worster

Dee Barton

Efrain Longrira