Horns of Plenty, Volume 3

LABEL Tantara
NO. T2CD-1119
2 CDs
Bill Lichtenauer
LINER NOTES Terry Vosbein
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LOCATION Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, Long Island, New York
2 July 1962
Only the first of the two discs includes the Kenton band. Disc two features the Trinity Big Band conducted by Bobby Lamb.

Tracks (disc 1)

1. Maria (Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim)
arr. by Johnny Richards
solos: Kenton (p) Stamm (tp) Fitzpatrick (tb)

2. The Blues Story (Gene Roland)
arr. by Gene Roland
solos: Fitzpatrick (tb) Mariano (ts) Starling (mp)

3. Artistry In Rhythm (Stan Kenton)
arr. by Stan Kenton
solo: Kenton (p)

4. Waltz Of The Prophets (Dee Barton)
arr. by Dee Barton
solos: Stamm (tp) Starling (mp)

5. All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II)
arr. by Stan Kenton
solo: Kenton (p)

6. Intermission Riff (Ray Wetzel)
head arrangement
solos: Ringo (tb) Beutler (bs) Barton (d)

7. Stairway To The Stars (Matt Malneck, Frank Signorelli & Mitchell Parish)
arr. by Bill Holman
solo: Baltazar (as)

8. Mellophobia (Ray Starling)
arr. by Ray Starling
solos: Starling, Carver, Saunders & Gasca (mp)

9. Somewhere (Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim)
arr. by Johnny Richards
solo: Kenton (p)

10. Malaguena (Ernesto Lecuona)
arr. by Bill Holman
solo: Mariano (ts)


Alto sax
Gabe Baltazar
Tenor sax
Charlie Mariano
Ray Florian
Bari sax
Allan Beutler
Bari & bass sax
Joel Kaye
Dalton Smith
Bob Behrendt
Marvin Stamm
Keith LaMotte
Bill Briggs
Ray Starling
Dwight Carver
Carl Saunders
Lou Gasca
Bob Fitzpatrick
Bud Parker
Tom Ringo
Jim Amlotte (b-tb)
Dave Wheeler (b-tb, tuba)
Stan Kenton
Bucky Calabrese
Dee Barton