Horns of Plenty, Volume 1

LABEL Tantara
NO. T2CD-1117
2 CDs
Bill Lichtenauer
LINER NOTES Bill Lichtenauer
LOCATIONS Rehearsal, Hollywood (track 1); Midnight Gardens, Coney Island Park, Cincinnati, Ohio (tracks 2-15)
15 March 1961 (track 1); 14-17 June 1961 (tracks 2-15)

Tracks (disc 1)

1. My Old Flame (Arthur Johnson and Sam Chow)
arr. by Marty Paich
solos: Carver (mp) Donahue (ts) Bernhardt (tp)

2. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Ted Koehler and Harold Arlen)
arr. by Lennie Niehaus
solo: Spurlock (tb)

3. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke)
arr. by Lennie Niehaus
solos: Donahue (ts)

4.Spring Is Here (Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart)
arr. by Lennie Niehaus
solos: Stamm (tp) Josephs (b)

5. Body And Soul (Edward Heyman, Johnny Green, Robert Sour and Frank Eyton)
arr. by Stan Kenton
solo: Kenton (p)

6. Walking Shoes (Gerry Mulligan)
arr. by Gerry Mulligan
solos: Spurlock (tb) Donahue (ts) Holladay (bs) Stamm (tp)

7. Take Me In Your Arms (Alfred Markus, Mitchell Parrish and Fritz Rotter)
arr. by Sam Donahue
solos: Baltazar (as) Kenton (p)

8. My Romance (Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart)
arr. by Ernie Bernhardt
vocal by Ernie Bernhardt

9. Limehouse Blues (Phillip Braham and Douglas Fuber)
arr. by Bill Holman
solos: Baltazar (as) Stamm (tp) Donahue (ts)

10. I Remember You (Victor Schertzinger and Johnny Mercer)
arr. by Wayne Dunston
solos: Baltazar (as) Stamm (tp) Kenton (p)

11. Stan introduces his musicians

12. Stompin’ At The Savoy (Benny Goodman, Chick Webb, Edgar Sampson and Andy Razaf)
arr. by Gene Roland
solos: Kenton (p) Josephs (b) Stamm (tp) Holliday (bs) Roland (mp) Balatazar (as) Donahue (ts) McKenzie (d)

13. Darn That Dream (James Van Heusen & Eddie DeLange)
arr. by Lennie Niehaus
solos: Stamm (tp)

14. My One And Only Love (Guy Wood & Robert Mellin)
arr. by Lennie Niehaus
solos: Fitzpatrick (tb) Donahue (ts)

15. Lullaby Of Birdland (George Shearing)
arr. by Lennie Niehaus
solos: Baltazar (as) Stamm (tp)

Personnel (tracks 2-15)

Alto sax
Gabe Baltazar
Tenor sax
Sam Donahue
Paul Renzi
Bari sax
Marvin Holliday
Bari & bass sax
Wayne Dunston
Dalton Smith
Bob Behrendt
Marvin Stamm
Bob Rolfe
Phil Grossman
Dwight Carver
Gene Roland
Carl Saunders
Keith LaMotte
Bob Fitzpatrick
Jack Spurlock
Bud Parker
Jim Amlotte (b-tb)
Dave Wheeler (b-tb, tuba)
Stan Kenton
Pierre Josephs
Jerry Lestock McKenzie
George Acevedo
Ernie Bernhardt