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Miscellaneous Recordings

Progressive Jazz 2009

Terry Vosbein and the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra

Max Frank Music

Previously unrecorded items from Kenton's Progressive Jazz Orchestra of 1948 by Pete Rugolo and Bob Graettinger and new compositions by Terry Vosbein.
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The Beatitudes

A Cantata in four parts for Stage Band and Choir

With Stan Kenton and Clark Terry [who doesn't seem to appear anywhere on this album]

Audio House
AHS 2270-2370

Two 12" records
Frank A. Salisbury, composer

Worth Lindley, arranger

Recorded live 21 March 1970
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City of Glass

Ebony Band
Werner Herbers, conductor

Channel Classics
CD CCS 6394

Graettinger: Incident in Jazz (1949)
City of Glass I (1947)
April in Paris (1947)
Laura (1948)
Thermopylae (1949)
City of Glass II (1951)
Graettinger 3 (1950)
Untitled (1948)

Marks: Trajectories

Rugolo: Conflict (1949)
Mirage (1949)
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Graettinger - Vol. 2, Live at Paradiso

Ebony Band
Werner Herbers, conductor

Channel Classics
CD CCS 13198

Molshoaro (1947/48)
Beachcomber (1948)
Afternoon (1948)
Loverman (1948)
I Only Have Eyes For You (1948)
Too Marvellous for Words (1948)
Irresistable you (1948)
Condolence (1948)
Untitled Original (unfinished 1948?)
Suite for String Trio and Windquartet (1953-57)
Transparency (1952)
Untitled Original (Two in One 1952)
Autumn in New York (1948)
Fine & Dandy (1948)
I’m in the Mood For Love (1948)
Everything Happens To Me (1948)
Untitled Original (1952)
Untitled Original (1952)
Untitled Original (In Three Tempi 1948?)
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Wedding In Monaco


MG 20149


12" record
Click on the cover to listen to this historic event.
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Recordings by Stan Kenton Alumni

To the Edge

Mark Taylor & the Big Band


Composer/Arranger Mark Taylor explores his 45 year fascination with the sound of a Big Band. 18 DC jazz musicians come together to play his music in a cohesive and effortless manner with an emphasis on "swinging"!
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From Kenton to Now

Peter Erskine/Richard Torres

Fuzzy Music
CD 003

1. LA Stomp
2. Blues For All
3. Happy Day
4. Artistry in Rhythm
5. I Love You (Sweetheart Of All My Dreams)
6. Modern Drummer Blues
7. Intermission Riff
8. The Park
9. Richard's Blues
10. Constance
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Have Band Will Travel

Stan Kenton Alumni Band
directed by Mike Vax

Summit Records

1. The New Intermission Riff
2. Softly As I Leave You
3. El Viento Caliente
4. Long Ago and Far Away
5. Artemis and Apollo
6. Five and Dime
7. This Could Be the Start of Something Big
8. Our Garden
9. Swing House
10. Tonight
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Alternate Route

Mike Vax Jazz Orchestra

Sea Breeze Records

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Sounds From the Road

Mike Vax Big Band

Recorded in 2008


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Road Scholars

Stan Kenton Alumni Band


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Dick Shearer and the Stan Kenton Spirits



1. Mix & Match
2. Just Bones
3. Naima
4. Dickus
5. Altoonsee
6. Tribute

Dick Shearer
Dale Devoe
Scott Helberg
Robbie Hioki
Bob Kammermann
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Al Yankee Conducting
in the Stan Kenton Style


1. One
2. One Moment in Time
3. Saving All My Love for You
4. Careless Whispers
5. I Remember You
6. Skylark
7. Unchained Melody
8. Ruby Baby
9. At This Moment
10. Swing Street
11. Through the Eyes of Love
12. Kansas City
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Bermuda Triangle

The Al Yankee Jazztet

K 77011

Stacks Image 107005
Somewhere In A Dream

Al Yankee Trio

K 77018

Fifteen melodies from three continents and sixteen composers spanning a century and a half. Light a candle, pour a glass of wine and bathe yourself with a promise and afterglow. More than 68 minutes of romantic music.
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A Tribute To Stan Kenton

The Dennis Noday Orchestra



1. Eager Beaver
2. Sophisticated Lady
3. La Suerte de los Tontos
4. Yesterdays
5. Here's That Rainy Day
6. Intermission Riff
7. Maria
8. Rhapsody in Blue
9. A Little Minor Booze
10. Granada
11. Stella by Starlight
12. Stompin' at the Savoy
13. Artistry in Rhythm
14. Malaguena
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Jazz Dance Date

Ken Hanna and His Orchestra

Golden Era Records

Broadcast from Los Angeles

12" record
1. Minor Mist
2. Pogo
3. First Floor Front
4. All There's to Know About Love
5. You're Nobody's Baby
6. Sell Out
7. Nirvana
8. Gotta Go Now
9. City at Night
10. No More
11. Field Day
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The Bright New Orchestra

Ken Hanna



10" record
1. Pogo
2. Chicken Road
3. Gotta Go Now
4. Misty Mood
5. First Floor Front
6. You're Nobody's Baby
7. Nirvana
8. Sweet Riley O'Toole
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Rugolo Plays Kenton

Pete Rugolo

SR 80014

25, 26 October 1958
Hollywood, California

12" record
1. Eager Beaver
2. Painted Rhythm
3. Minor Riff
4. Concerto for Doghouse
5. Sunset Tower
6. Concerto to End All Concertos
7. Artistry in Rhythm
8. Opus in Pastels
9. Theme to the West
10. Artistry in Boogie
11. Capitol Punishment
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Experiment in Jazz

Bill Russo

Universal Records

12" record
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The World of Alcina

Bill Russo

6 May 1956

12" record
Vito Price, Mike Simpson, Don Kolbart, Lenny Druss, Bart Grimes, Gus Jean, Phil Wing, Ken Soderblom (reeds)

Dave Mulholland, Al Muller, John Howell, Don Geraci, Porky Panico (tp)

Bill Porter, Tom Shepard, Paul Krum, Paul Seberson, Mark Dunn, Earl Hoffman (tb)

Bill Russo (tb)

Frank Brouk, Phil Farkus (fhr), Don Habner (tu)

Eddie Baker (p), Earl Backus (g), Mel Schmidt (b), Dominic Simonetta (d)
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Russo in London

FM 302

21-22 December 1962

12" record
Suite No 1, Opus 5:
       Portrait of a Count
       Egdon Heath
       Frank Speaking

Suite No 2, Opus 8:
       Bill's Blues
       23 Degrees North – 82 Degrees West
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An American In Hannover

Bill Russo and the New Jazz Group Hannover

10032 EPB

24 August 1955

45rpm record
1. Night in Tunisia
2. An Esthete on Clark Avenue
3. Sweets
4. You Go To My Head

Bill Russo (tb)
Bernd Rabe( as)
Gert Mann (p,vib)
Heinz Kitschenberg (g)
Eberhard Pommerenke (b)
Helmut Perschke(d)
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Made in Cologne

Bill Russo and the Hans Koller Quintet

Mod Records
BMLP 06020

14, 18 August 1955

10" record
Bill Russo (tb)
Hans Koller (ts)
Willie Sanner (bs)
Roland Kovac (p)
Johnny Fischer (b)
Rudi Sehring (d)
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Portrait of An Intellectual Jazzman

Bill Russo

Fresh Sound



Sessions made in Chicago between 1951 and 1956.

Featuring: Gail Brockman, Johnny Howell, Porky Panico, Dave Mulholland (tp), Bill Russo, Bill Porter, Tommy Shepard (tb), Phillip Farkas, Frank Brouk (flh), Larry Molinelli (fl), Kenny Mann, Bill Trujillo, Sandy Mosse (ts), Dan Handby (bs), Lloyd Lifton, Eddie Baker
1. An Aesthete On Clark Street
2. S'posin
3. Cathy
4. Cookie
5. Ennui
6. Gloomy Sunday
7. Vignette
8. Strange Fruit
9. I Can't Get Started
10. My Man
11. Under The Greenwood Three
12. The First Saturday In May
13. Speculum
14. Bill's Blues
15. L'affaire Bugs
16. For My Sister
17. Solo of Girl
18. Solo of Boy
19. Chorus and Solo of Girl
20. Duet For Boy and Girl
21. Chorus, Solo of Boy, Solo of Girl, Ensemble
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The Fabulous Bill Holman

CRL 57188

Los Angeles
25, 29 April 1957

12" record
Herb Geller, Charlie Mariano (as), Bill Holman, Richie Kamuca, Charlie Kennedy (ts), Steve Perlow (bs)

Conte Candoli, Al Porcino, Ray Linn (tp), Stu Williamson (tp & vtb)

Harry Betts/Lew McCreary, Ray Sims, Bob Fitzpatrick (tb)

Lou Levy (p), Max Bennett (b), Mel Lewis (d)
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In A Jazz Orbit

Bill Holman



12" record
1. Kissin' Bug
2. The Man I Love
3. Goodbye
4. You Go to My Head
5. After You've Gone
6. Far Down Below
7. No Heat
8. Theme & Variations #2
9. Aura
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A View From the Side

The Bill Holman Band



Title track won the 1995 Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition (other than Jazz)
1. No Joy in Mudville
2. Any Dude'll Do
3. But Beautiful
4. Petaluma Lu
5. I Didn't Ask
6. Make My Day
7. The Peacocks
8. A View from the Side
9. Tennessee Waltz
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Artistry in Voices

Dave Barduhn

Stacks Image 35590

Dave Barduhn


12" record
1. Music
2. Bein' Green
3. Squib Cakes
4. Happy
5. Georgia
6. Flintstones
7. Send In the Clowns
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Those Kenton Days

Art Pepper



12" record
1. Harlem Folk Dance
2. Unison Riff
3. Cuban Carnival
4. Journey To Brazil
5. How High the Moon
6. Harlem Holiday
7. Jolly Rogers
8. Blues in Riff
9. Art Pepper
10. Viva Prado
11. Round Robin
12. Dynaflow
13. Jump For Joe
14. Francesca
15. Sambo
16. Street of Dreams
Stacks Image 105368
Shorty Rogers

PR 9016


12" record
1. Jolly Rogers
2. Art Pepper
3. A Mile Down the Highway
4. He Can Come Back Anytime
5. Do It Again
6. Viva Prado
7. Round Robin
8. Sambo
9. Popo
10. Didi
11. Four Mothers
12. Over the Rainbow
13. Apropos
14. Sam and the lady
Stacks Image 105378
The Baron

John Von Ohlen Quartet featuring Mary Ann Moss

Creative World CW-3001


12" record
1. Tergiversation
2. Vonetta
3. It Only Happens Every Time
4. Bessie’s Blues
5. Pee Wee
6. (You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman)
7. Eleanor Rigby
8. Runaway Heart
9. Candy Man
10. Why Did I Choose You?
11. Pinnochio
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Stan Kenton Tribute Recordings


Francis Bay Orchestra

Omega Recordings
OSL 27


12" record
from Ed Chaplin:

I believe the first ever ’tribute album’ to Stan Kenton was by the Belgian maestro Francis Bay, claimed recorded during the Brussels World’s Fair of MAY – JUNE 1958.  The liner gives full personnel.  Leonard Feather used Collaboration from this album as one track to put to Pete Rugolo in a Blindfold Test, printed in down beat of 15 SEPTEMBER 1960.  The arrangements are very akin to the updated ones used for Kenton’s own Kenton In Hi-Fi of FEBRUARY 1956, right down to Intermission Riff where there is a two chorus trombone solo and conclusion as per the Kenton In Hi-Fi one.  It is a very good record, OMEGA OML 1027 (mono), OSL 27 (stereo), titled BIG SOUNDS by the BAY BIG BAND.  The tunes are Artistry Jumps [2.38], How High The Moon [2.30], The Peanut Vendor [4.24], Southern Scandal [2.55], Unison Riff [3.10], Eager Beaver [3.25], Lover [2.40], Machito [2.20], Collaboration [2.57], Intermission Riff [4.21].
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Members of the Stan Kenton Orchestra

Crown Records
CLP 5093


12" record
from Ed Chaplin:

Also there is SALUTE TO STAN KENTON recorded Mon. 17 NOVEMBER and Th. 4 DECEMBER 1958 also in LOS ANGELES which was issued on CROWN (mono - CLP 5093 and stereo CST 124). The arranger - conductor is given as Maxwell Davis. The ranks are full of alumni, including Bud Shank, Bill Holman, both Candoli brothers, Milt Bernhart, Laurindo Almeida, Mel Lewis, and even Vido Musso. On piano is Milt Raskin. Over the years this has been reissued on several labels, most notably on BRIGHT ORANGE, with LP catalogue number X-BO-705. Koert reports that in 1999, this music was issued on CD BLUENITE BN053 named Estrellita with a picture of Stan and his name STAN KENTON – Koert rightly adds ‘Shameless!!’ Another issue is on ‘Prestige Vintage Jazz Greats’ CDSGP 0188 called “Stan Kenton” – another misrepresentation which will deceive “people who don’t know their Kenton…”
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Double Feature, Volume 1

The DePaul University
Jazz Ensemble

Tantara Productions

Disc 2 of a 2 CD set

Disc 1 features the Kenton Orchestra
Stan's underrated 1959 band proves it belongs in the upper echelon of Kenton groups while displaying its mettle on a host of previously unreleased performances from the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco and a jazz broadcast from Chicago’s Blue Note.
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Double Feature, Volume 2

The Nova Jazz Orchestra

Tantara Productions

Disc 2 of a 2 CD set

Disc 1 features the Kenton Orchestra
Bill Mathieu, the architect of Kenton's 1959 classic and highly praised "Standards in Silhouette" LP resurrects a bounty of forgotten pieces written for Stan's orchestra and never released on Capitol Records! Newly and superbly recorded.
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Double Feature, Volume 3

The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Jazz Ensemble I

Tantara Productions

Disc 2 of a 2 CD set

Disc 1 features the Kenton Orchestra
Stunning recreations of rare charts written for Stan Kenton during the late sixties and seventies and never before studio recorded. Writers Dee Barton, Bill Fritz, Joe Coccia, Hank Levy, Ken Hanna and Willie Maiden are on board, showcasing a wide variety of substantial compositions.
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Double Feature, Volume 4

Stan Kenton Tribute Band
Montreal's McGill University
Jazz Orchestra I

Tantara Productions

2 CDs
Disc one: A top drawer orchestra featuring many notable Kenton graduates performs as part of a Centrum - Bud Shank jazz workshop at a July 1993 Kenton tribute concert in Port Townsend Washington.

Disc two: A glorious Stan Kenton program of rare never before studio-recorded compositions from the late forties and early fifties, magnificently performed and presented in exceptional audio.
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Kenton Portraits

Tantara Productions

2 CDs
Disc One
1) I Remember Stan - Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orch.
2) Appearing In Cleveland - Mike Vax Big Band With Kenton Alumni
3) Artistry In Trombones - Francois Glorieux Orch. (Belgium)
4) Tribute To Stan Kenton - Francois Glorieux Orch. (Belgium)
5) In Memoriam Stan Kenton - Francois Glorieux Orch. (Belgium)
6) Bus To Nowhere - Vaughn Wiester’s Famous Jazz Orch.
7) With The Old Man In Mind - U. S. Army Jazz Ambassadors
8) Stan Kenton Medley - U. S. Army Jazz Ambassadors

Disc Two
1) My Foolish Heart - Dallas’ Original Jazz Orchestra
2) Tribute To Kenton - Dallas’ Original Jazz Orchestra
3) The Tall Guy - Stan Kenton Alumni Band
4) Stone Canyon - Trinity Big Band (London)
5) Kenton In Portrait - The Paul Cacia Studio Orchestra
6) Artistry In Rhythm - The Canadian Brass Jazz All-stars

Stacks Image 197403
A Kenton Celebration
Tantara Productions

2 CDs
Disc one: 13 tunes from the 1959 version of the Kenton band, caught live at Brigham Young University.

Disc two: 20 tracks of Kenton scores from the late 1940s, performed by the Brigham Young University Synthesis Bog Band. Most of the charts come from Rugolo, but Graettinger, Coccia, Roland, and Hefti are also represented.
Stacks Image 378637
Paul Cacia : The Alumni Tribute To Stan Kenton

conducted by Pete Rugolo, Shorty Rogers & Bill Russo

Happy Hour Music
CD HH6001-2

The Guest Stars

Laurindo Almeida
June Christy
Lee Konitz
Jack Sheldon
Carl Fontana
Bob Cooper
Bob Gioga
Ray Reed
Buddy Childers
Dalton Smith
Milt Bernhart
Bob Fitzpatrick
Dick Shearer
George Roberts
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A Stan Kenton Christmas

The Capitol Bones Big Band

Directed by Mark Taylor

CD CB-100

Stacks Image 31394
The Stan Kenton Christmas Carols

Boston Brass
Brass All-Stars Big Band

Summit Records


This unique collection of holiday cheer performed by the Boston Brass features the great Christmas charts from the Kenton Band plus two new ones by JD Shaw and Sam Pilafian.
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The Legacy of Stan Kenton

Jazz Ambassadors
US Army Field Band

CW4 Freddie Vinson, director


1. The Opener
2. Stan Kenton Medley
3. Opus in Pastels
4. Unison Riff
5. Easy Street
6. On the Street Where You Live
7. Over the Rainbow
8. Walkin’ Shoes
9. 3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 72
10. Here’s That Rainy Day
11. A Little Minor Booze
12. With the Old Man in Mind
13. America the Beautiful
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A Tribute To Stan Kenton

Vic Lewis

Recorded: 1949, 1950

Released: 1996


1. Hammersmith Riff
2. Pepperpot
3. The Man I Love
4. Music for Moderns
5. Design for Brass
6. Theme for Alto
7. Theme for Trombone
8. Over the Rainbow
9. Serenade in Blue
10. A Hundred Years from Today
11. Love for Sale
12. Where Are You?
13. Concerto to End All Concertos
14. Cuban Carnival
15. Porphyria's Lover
16. The Blues
17. For You a Bone
18. Eindayz
19. Inspiration
20. Heir to a Chinese Maiden
21. Everywhere
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Progressive Jazz at the Royal Festival

Vic Lewis

Recorded live: 9 January 1955


LF 1216

10" record
1. Swinghouse
2. Chino
3. Star Eyes
4. Duo
5. Bark For Barksdale
6. Dancing In The Dark
7. Peanut Vendor
Stacks Image 106995

Maxwell Davis

Prestige Jazz

CDSGP 0188

Stacks Image 81467
Artistry in Rhythm: The Music of Stan Kenton

Wurzburg Jazz Orchestra
Markus Geiselhart, cond.

Featuring Ed Partyka


1. Eager Beaver
2. Fearless Finley
3. Lover Man
4. On the Street Where You Life
5. Malaguena
6. Opus in Pastels
7. 23 Degrees North, 82 Degrees West
8. Theme and Variations
9. Portrait of a Count
10. Walkin' Shoes
11. Pennies From Heaven
12. Intermission Riff
13. You Go to My Head
14. Limehouse Blues
Stacks Image 87827

Darmstädter Big Band Plays the Music of Stan Kenton

Peter Linhart, conductor

Featuring Herb Geller


LC 09132

1. Artistry in Rhythm
2. Where or When
3. Indiana
4. Decoupage
5. Works
6. Malaguena
7. Django
8. Live and Let Die
9. Stella by Starlight
10. I Remember You
11. Granada Smoothie
12. Send in the Clowns
13. Meet the Flintstones
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Tribute to Stan Kenton

François Glorieux and His Orchestra




This is the second edition of this CD, released in 2010. It features 3 bonus tracks, including 2 vocal tracks featuring a duo between François Glorieux and Lady Linn and one new piano composition of Glorieux.
1. Artistry in Rhythm
2. The Peanut Vendor
3. Yesterdays
4. Artistry in Trombones
5. Laura
6. Jump for Joe
7. Interlude
8. Intermission Riff
9. My Funny Valentine
10.Tribute to Stan Kenton
11. In Memoriam Stan Kenton
12. Willow Weep for Me
13. Midnight Sun
14. Remembering Stan Kenton
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Don Scaletta & The Jazz Project Salutes Stan Kenton, vol. I

Ars Nova Records

1. Artistry in Rhythm
2. The Kingfish
3. Long Ago And Far Sway
4. Shoo-Fly-Pie
5. Tampico
6. Salute to Kenton Medley
7. The Opener
8. La Suerte de las Tontos
9. Alone
10. Stompin' at the Savoy
Stacks Image 87919
Don Scaletta & The Jazz Project Salutes Stan Kenton, vol. II

Ars Nova Records

1. Fearless Finley
2. Kenton Montage
3. Lover Man
4. Decoupage
5. September Song
6. Rhapsody in Blue
7. The Peanut Vendor
8. Send in the Clown
9. The Thrill Is Gone
10. Over the Rainbow
11. Cuba Jazz
12. Rendezvous at Sunset
13. 23 Degrees North - 82 Degrees West
14. Here's That Rainy Day
15. The Big Chase
16. Theme
Stacks Image 87909
Back To Balboa

Stan Kenton 50th Anniversary Celebration

MAMA Foundation

Six CDs
Stacks Image 102710
Stacks Image 102716
Stacks Image 102714
Stacks Image 102712
'Round Midnight Concert

The Shades of Kenton Jazz Orchestra

Hep Records

Guest soloists:

Lee Konitz, alto
Jiggs Whigham, trombone
Rolf Ericson, trumpet

Directed by Ernie Eyes

Guest director Vic Lewis
Stacks Image 22780
Highlights from the Tribute to Kenton Concert

The Brian Newton Orchestra

Ovation Productions

Two 12" records

28 November 1979
1. Southern Scandal
2. Reuben's Blues
3. The Things We Did Last Summer
4. Dynaflow
5. I've Never Been In Love Before
6. Fitz
7. The Big Chase
8. Artistry In Boogie
9. Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye
10. The Peanut Vendor
11. My Funny Valentine
12. A Little Minor Booze
13. Opus In Chartreuse
14. Zoot
15. On The Street Where You Live
Stacks Image 103996
Artistry in Rhythm
Music of the Innovations Orchestra

Manhattan School of Music Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra

Justin DiCioccio, conductor

1. Artistry In Rhythm
2. Mirage
3. Interlude
4. Machito
5. Conflict
6. Lonesome Road
7. Shelly Manne
8. Samana
9. Ennui
10. Evening in Pakistan
11. City of Glass, Pt. 1
12. City of Glass, Pt. 2
13. City of Glass, Pt. 3
Stacks Image 105444
Kentonmania in French Horns

Rudolf Mazač Big Band

FHF Music

1. Exit Stage Left
2. Frosted Black
3. Israel
4. Artistry In Rhythm
5. Faces
6. Greeting And Salutations
7. Say It Isn't So
8. Daydream
9. Opus In Turquoise
10. Misty
11. Turtle Talk
12. Maiden Voyage
13. Don't Go For That
Stacks Image 105867
Artistry in Rhythm

Members of the Stan Kenton Orchestra

Conducted by Maxwell Davis

7 November 1958

4-track tape
1. Intermission Riff
2. Come Back to Sorrento
3. Dark Eyes
4. Martha
5. Elegy
6. Artistry in Rhythm
7. Peanut Vendor
8. Estellita
Stacks Image 108048
I Remember Stan

The Shades Jazz Orchestra

Directed by Ivor Deach

Special guest Jiggs Whigham
Stacks Image 108058
Plays Kenton (Live at the Music Hall)

Ron Kischuk & The Masters of Music Big BandI

Featuring Peter Erskine


Recorded live at the Music Hall Center For The Performing Arts in downtown Detroit.

Also features John Harner, Gene Parker, Jerry McKenzie, Gary Schunk, Dwight Adams, Pete Kahn,Bob Lymparis, Chris Collins Ed Gooch, Mark Berger, Rob Smith, Johnny Trudell & Ben Janssen
Stacks Image 197557
Kenton Sidemen

Featuring Don Rendell and Martial Solal

With Vinnie Tanno, Carl Fontana, Mel Lewis and Curtis Counce


12” LP
1, The Way You Look Tonight
2. They Say It’s Wonderful
3. Blues Martial
4. Steeple Chase
5. Jive At Five
6. I Remember You
7. Why Not?
Stacks Image 378627