New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm

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LABEL Capitol
NO. H 383
FORMAT 10” Record
PRODUCER Lee Gillette
LOCATION Universal Studio A, Chicago
RECORDING DATES 10, 11, 15, 16 September 1952


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1. 23 Degrees North - 82 Degrees West (Bill Russo)
arr. by Bill Russo
solos: Rosolino (tb) Konitz (as) Levey (d)

2. Portrait Of A Count (Bill Russo)
arr. by Bill Russo
solo: Candoli (tp)

3. Improvisation (Bill Russo)
arr. by Bill Russo
solos: Burgess (tb) Konitz (as) Childers (tp) Holman (ts) Russo (tb) Salvador (g)

4. Invention For Guitar and Trumpet (Bill Holman)
arr. by Bill Holman
solos: Salvador (g) Ferguson (tp)

5. My Lady (Bill Russo)
arr. by Bill Russo
solo: Konitz (as)

6. Young Blood (Gerry Mulligan)
arr. by Gerry Mulligan
solos: Candoli (tp) Kamuca (ts) Konitz (as) Childers (tp)

7. Frank Speaking (Bill Russo)
arr. by Bill Russo
solo: Rosolino (tb)

Added to LP:

Prologue (This Is An Orchestra)

Additional Capitol versions

EPF 383 — two 45rpm 7” records

12” LP — T 383

CDP 7 92865 2 — CD [with Prologue]

Other versions

Creative World reissue — ST-1002 — 12” LP


Alto sax
Vinnie Dean
Lee Konitz

Tenor sax
Bill Holman
Richie Kamuca

Bari sax
Bob Gioga

Buddy Childers
Maynard Ferguson
Conte Candoli
Don Dennis
Ruben McFall

Bob Burgess
Frank Rosolino
Bill Russo
Keith Moon
George Roberts (b-tb)

Stan Kenton

Don Bagley

Sal Salvador

Stan Levey

Denon Kenneth Walton