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The Singers

Some of my earliest memories are of my parents playing the Stan Kenton/June Christy album Duet. They would put me to sleep with June’s warm voice and somehow those sounds permeated my musical world before I even knew I had one.

Kenton fans all have their favorite singer, and much of that has to do with personal experience. Who was with the band the first time they saw them live? What records were released during impressionable years? Which records were played to induce their infant sleep?

Although the focus of his band was always first and foremost on the composers and arrangers, and secondarily on the outstanding soloists and ensemble players, Kenton almost always featured a singer with his band.

It’s been a fascinating journey hunting down as much information as I could on the many men and women who sang with the band. I focussed on those who actually can make a claim to being a Kenton singer, or those who recorded with the band. There were many dozens who sat in with the band, or were guest singers for a particular event. Too many to ever document fully.

In these pages you will find an insight into the evolution of the Kenton chanteuse. There are sights and sounds along with the data.

I am posting the pages, knowing full well that updates and corrections will follow, as more information is revealed.

Enjoy the trip through the vocal history of the Stan Kenton Orchestra.

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