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Talk About A Lady

“The band filmed several musical shorts in the Forties, but was only ever featured in one full-length movie, and that was strictly a Columbia B-picture programmer.”

Thus wrote Kenton scholar Michael Sparke concerning Talk About A Lady.

I finally saw the movie last night, and it is clear why the movie has fallen from the public’s memory. I found absolutely nothing special about the movie except for its Kenton content. But it is fun, nonetheless.

His band shows up in three numbers. Two are vocal, composed by the same writing team that gave Kenton his hit Tampico, Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher. In another scene the band is seen performing an instrumental in a nightclub.

You can see the opening number below, complete with the Old Man in custom with a sombrero hanging from his neck.

See more scenes and read more about the movie.
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composed by Alan Roberts and Doris Fisher
arranged by Boots Mussulli
June Christy and Gene Howard, vocals