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RIP Edward Chaplin

I have just learned of the recent passing of Kenton scholar and friend, Ed Chaplin.

I “met” Ed online, via email and the Yahoo group, Kentonia. We exchanged a lot of information and ideas. In particular, I was continually awed by his knowledge of the 1950s band. It was his keen ear and detailed research that allowed for the correct identification of so many of the sidemen and soloists on the Concert in Miniature broadcasts.

Michael Sparke put it accurately when he wrote that “Ed’s knowledge and appreciation of ‘swinging Stan’ in the 1950s was second to none.”

I got to meet Ed face to face one summer when I was living in Paris. I took the train to London and met him at the station. He brought me to his home where his wife fixed us a delightful lunch. We then went to Michael Sparke’s house, and spent the rest of day taking a bath in All Things Kenton.

His contributions to the Kenton knowledge-base are immeasurable. He was a insightful man with a deep love for the music of Stan Kenton. He was a kind man. He will be missed.