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Rare Kenton recording

I was recently looking around on E-Bay and found someone offering a cassette of the Stan Kenton Orchestra, playing a live set at Disneyland on 1 June 1968. This is such an undocumented band that I was curious. I paid the ten bucks the seller was asking and anxiously awaited the arrival. Adding to the general excitement of this find, was the discovery of Tom Senff’s arrangement of “Up, Up and Away,” previously unrecorded.

The tracks are as follows:
1) My Foolish Heart (arr. Dee Barton)
2) Fitz (Gene Roland)
3) Up, Up and Away (arr. by Tom Senff)
4) Woman (Dee Barton)
5) Sunny (arr. Stan Kenton)
6) Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)
7) The Singing Oyster (Dee Barton)
8) Granada (arr. Bill Holman)

Possible personnel (suggested by Anthony J. Agostinelli)

Ray Reed, alto; Mike Altschul, Bob Crosby, tenor; Bill Fritz, Earl Dumler (+bs-sax), bari

Mike Price, Jay Daversa, Jim Kartchner, Carl Leach, John Madrid, trumpet

Dick Shearer, Tom Whittaker, Shelley Denny, Joe Randazzo (b-tb), Bob Goodwin (b-tb, tuba), trombone

Stan Kenton, piano; John Smith, bass; Dee Barton, drums; Efrain Logreira, percussion