The Network XXVII

Fall 2003

Anthony (Tony) J. Agostinelli, Editor
Prologue For Cybernetters: NETWORK XXVII is being made available to the list of Kentonians on the Kenton e-mail list. How to subscribe to the Kenton e-mail list…. If you want this newsletter in cyber-fashion, you may write me at my e-mail address, and I will send it to you. You will also note that all of the URL sites throughout (http://) are in bold, and if your ISP supports this, you can click right on the website and be linked to it. Also, NETWORK is posted at these websites:

A Personal Fund-Raising Note from the Editor: NETWORK is now being published once annually. The number of NETWORKERS has now leveled off at 1,965. I continue to rely very heavily on your contributions to help out with NETWORK operations and I make up the difference in costs. Many of you have been so very generous. Publishing and mailing costs will have to be re-cooped from your contributions! (As the correspondence, responding to questions, mailing of tape dubs for personal use, printing costs, mailing costs and the like, continues to grow, your contributions are so much more important.... that nut is now up to around $3,000! This issue alone will top $2,000! I hope that you would consider a making a contribution to NETWORK operations, especially, if you have never done so before. This time around, even with some NETWORKERS agreeing not to receive a hard copy, the savings of first-class postage is minimal – some 30 of you for a savings of $10.20. For those of you who have contributed—no matter what amount—THANKS! If you do make a contribution, a NETWORK Premium will be sent to you. This Premium is listing of Kenton on CD & Video—CDs & videos which have been issued—updated as new issues are known; it has been compiled by the noted Kenton discographer, Michael Sparke, with this Editor’s help. Do you realize that just $1.50 from each of you, will net The Network $2,940! Wow! With the posting of this issue of NETWORK to the Internet, I am hoping that you will all send a contribution for the last mailing of the “hard copy” to alert all NETWORKERS of this change. Won’t you consider sending a contribution to The-Network?

Why is NETWORK only on the Internet? After much consideration, and advice and counsel from those in and out of the business of mailed newsletters, I have decided to eliminate the hard-copy/mailed issues of the NETWORK, and post the future issues only on the Internet. For those of you who have computers, all’s you need do is to go to the web sites, and download your own copy. For those of you who do not have computers you may: (1) visit your local library with the location of the web site, and download and print it there; (2) go to a “Computer Café,” where they do have computers…you may rent time and download your personal issue; (3) go to your children, grandchildren or local school, and download the issue there; and/or, finally, (4) write me, send me a $5.00 check or money order and I will mail the complete issue to you in hard-copy. I have extra LPs donated by several NETWORKERS and each are available for $15. each (includes postage)(overseas mailing add $6.00 — $21 American total); call/write or e-mail to see if I have what you may want.

I am so sorry that I’ve had to resort to this. However, I am now retired, and my walking-around money is limited, and I can no longer produce a $3,000 per issue newsletter. As you will note, this issue has taken some time to get out…I am still some $2,000 short!
ED BRIDE Produced and presented his SeventhAnnual Stan Kenton tribute on Public Radio in February 2003 — the program emanated from WAMC-FM, Northeast Public Radio. As in the past, listeners could hear the program in a five-state region around Albany, New York (portions of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Jersey; also in Quebec, Canada. It was also heard on RealAudio on the Internet.

Bill Lichtenauer at Tantara has a few more Kenton CDs:

Stan Kenton: Revelations (New!) (T4CD 1116-1,-2,-3,-4) USA $59.95 + $4.00 S&H Stan Kenton: Tunes and Topics (Tantara T2CD 1114 & T2CD 1115)

October of 1970 at the Golden Lion in Dayton, Ohio; each double CD also includes a 1972 Stan Kenton interview Cost: $18 plus $2.00 S & H for each double CD

Stan Kenton: Artistry in Symphonic Jazz (1977) TCD 1111 ($15 + $2.00 S & H)

Stan Kenton: A Time for Love (1978) TCD 1112 ($15 + $2.00 S & H)

Stan Kenton: Horns of Plenty — Volumes, 1, 2 & 3

All are available from Tantara Productions, Inc., 3533 Lake Shore Drive, Joliet, Illinois 60431, 815-436-8280—Write or call for the complete listing of recordings available on Tantara!

By Michael Sparke & Pete Venudor with Jack Hartley

This fascinating, brand new discography is a very significant expansion on—and re-working of Kenton on Capitol and Creative World.

Studio Sessions adds nearly 70 pages of new material in its coverage of Kenton’s recording career—which spanned almost 40 years—from Gus Arnheim’s Orchestra in 1937, through the MacGregor transcriptions, his towering career with Capitol Records and then his own Creative World Records label. Decades of research has resulted in a discography which provides extraordinary detailed information about every official Kenton recording session: session numbers, dates, places, time, producers, personnel, tunes, lengths, alternate takes, matrix numbers, unreleased titles and takes, composers/arrangers, soloists, vocalists and the number of every record on which every tune was release. Also a tune index. Thousands of facts, including things new to even the most ardent Kenton fan! Also included are examples of original documentation. Sparke has also taken great pains to include comments and opinions from as many of the musicians as possible. To view a couple of sample pages, visit the publisher’s web site at:

Jazz Fans, big band buffs, musicians, researchers, writers, jazz disk jockeys and music librarians will find this book an invaluable, inexhaustible resource! Michael Sparke has been following, researching and writing about Stan Kenton’s music and career for some 50 years! He has written liner notes for several Kenton CDs, among them the superb booklet included with Mosaic’s 7-CD release of the 1943-1947 Capitol masters. This 8 ½ X 11 240 page book is priced at $32.95 plus $4 priority shipping (US destinations) and is available from: Balboa Books, PO Box 493, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. Visa/MasterCard orders call 1-800-420-0579, M-F, 9 PM to 5 PM, CST. Online charge card orders may also be placed at:

By Jack Hartley and Jurgen Wolfer

Here’s the first complete study of one of the music world’s most fascinating arrangers-musicians.

In addition to his own orchestra, Richards not only wrote and arranged for Stan Kenton, (including such famous albums as Cuban Fire!, Adventures in Time & West Side Story), he also penned for Boyd Raeburn, Charlie Barnet, Bing Crosby, Harry James, Dizzy Gillespie and many others—plus scores for such movies as The Light That Failed, and 16 Hopalong Cassidy westerns! This new discography has details about every recording session. There is also a tune index covering some 600 titles! This is, without doubt, the definitive work about one of the most talented musicians of the second half of the 20th century. Toll-free charge card orders to: 1-800- 420-0579, 9 AM—PM EST, M-F – (8 ½ X 11 trade paper 120 pages). $19.95 plus $4.50 shipping/handling—Balboa Books, PO Box 493, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, Online orders: and click on Balboa Books

KENTON ON CD: In past issues of The Network, a “recently released” list of CDs by Stan Kenton has been included here. To save space, that short list has been eliminated. You can receive an up-dated listing of CDs and videos when you contribute to the operations of the NETWORK—send a contribution made out to: The Network, Anthony J. Agostinelli, Editor, 62 Valley Lane, Woodland Valley, Portsmouth, RI 02871-2731. For those who have access to the World Wide Web, you may visit four web sites which list Stan Kenton CDs in stock, often with sound samples:

Search for “Stan Kenton.” Some of the CDs listed are “ephemeral” recordings; the producers do not pay the usual artist fees. My continuing observation is that we all want to hear Stanley’s music—on Capitol, Creative World and Decca—Stan approved these releases. When we purchase an ephemeral (“bootleg”) recording, we are contributing to someone who is trading on the Stan Kenton name, image and body of work. Although the quality of many of these recordings run from pretty awful, to excellent, we do get to listen to Stan Kenton’s recorded music at many venues. Because these recordings exist, you all should know about them, and because they are not “authorized” by Kenton or the Kenton Estate, you might consider making a contribution a Stan Kenton Scholarship Fund every time you purchase one of the latter CDs. One is: Stan Kenton Scholarship Fund, International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE), Box 724, Manhattan, KS 66502-0724, USA. So—contribute!


Stan Kenton—The Early Years by Edward F. Gabel. $17.95 + $2. S/h from: Ed Gabel, Dept NTWK, Balboa Books, P.O. Box 493, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 53147-0493. Visa/MasterCard orders: 1-800-420-0459. Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM CST.


Jazz archivist Steven D. Harris has written his book, “The Kenton Kronicles.” ...Over 100 interviews including 50 Kenton alumni...entire road itinerary...over 250 historic & rare photographs...30 interviews with Stan himself, his older sister Beulah, first daughter Leslie, and his last wife Jo Ann Kenton...list of films and videos…. Forward by Pete Rugolo. Price is $65.00 plus $6.95 S&H or 45 Pounds Sterling plus 5 Pounds for S&H in UK & Abroad. Make checks payable to: Steven D. Harris, 148 N. Catalina Ave., #4, Pasadena, CA 91106, USA. You may contact Steven at: 148 N. Catalina, Apt 4, Pasadena, CA 91106. He has also produced one CD set of Kenton rara avis.....and will release another on December 15, 2003.


Audio Visual Artists’ Productions of Silver Springs Maryland has produced a video tribute to Hank Levy. A Head of Time. Ahead of Time. A video tribute to Hank Levy. Contact Richard Slade of AVA Productions, 1412 Northcrest Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20904-1453 phone 301-384-9595 or FAX 301-284-2525. Price, including shipping is: $29.95


By Joe Urso—Forward by Bobby Shew..... This Limited Edition is devoted to over 200 trumpet players from the 1930s to the 1990s with many discographies on Lead Trumpets, Hi-Note Trumpeter plus the Extreme Upper Register Trumpet Men and strong trumpet sections. Stories about: Conrad “Goz” Gozzo, Bud Brisbois, Bill Chase, Maynard Ferguson, Arturo Sandoval, Jon Faddis, Al Porcino, Cat Anderson, Dave Stahl, Doc Severinsen, Dizzy Gillespie, Lew Soloff, Walt Johnson, Alan Wise, Allan Vizzutti, Bobby Shew, Roger Ingram, Chuck Findley, Jim Manely and many others. Over 100 photographs never before published. Trumpet men from every major big band—Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Charlie Barnet, and Maynard Ferguson. Send check or money order in the USA for $25; International Money Order from England/Europe, etc., No credit cards! TO: Joe Urso, 8010 State Road 52, HUDSON, FL 34667 Phone: 727-868-2606

for great interchange and discussion about Kentonia, it does take place on the Kenton Internet list. If you want to subscribe to the Kenton-List, send an e-mail message to:

THE STAN KENTON COLLECTION AT University of North Texas:
Stan Kenton bequeathed most of his orchestra library to the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas; Leon Breeden, who for years headed up the jazz band program at UNT catalogued the collection. The collection comprises some 2,000 plus manuscripts representing the work of Kenton’s famous arrangers. The Stan Kenton Collection is supplemented by a gift from Noel Wedder, Kenton’s publicist, of over six hundred photographs of Kenton and his orchestras. An Index to the Scores, a Gallery of Images from the Stan Kenton Collection, and Links to other Kenton resources on the Internet, can be accessed on the World Wide Web at: UNT has issued a 4 CD set of recordings celebrating the 50th anniversary of their jazz degree program. The CDs feature their Number One Lab Band, along with some guest soloists. You may recognize some Kenton alumni along the way. The CDs may be ordered for $50, and all proceeds will benefit the UNT jazz program. Write them for the CD and send your check: North Texas jazz, PO Box 305040, Denton, TX 76203, phone 940-565-3743, or order at their website:

Shelly Manne: Sounds of the Different Drummer. by Jack Brand and Bill Korst. Percussion Express. P.O. Box 1731. Rockford, Illinois 61110. 190pp. $60.00 —A bio-discography of Shelly Manne.

ROSS BARBOUR has written one splendid book about the times of the Four Freshmen, entitled: Now You Know: The Story of the Four Freshmen; I have read it and it is engaging, lively, very inclusive, and as dynamic as Ross is’ve got to read it.... Published by Gerry Dexter, Balboa Books, a division of Tiare Publications, PO Box 493, Lake Geneva, WI 53147-0493.


Compositions and arrangements by STAN KENTON, PETE RUGOLO, BILL HOLMAN, DEE BARTON, HANK LEVY, WILLIE MAIDEN BOB CURNOW, HUGO MONTENEGRO, GENE ROLAND, KEN HANNA, MAYNARD FERGUSON, GERRY MULLIGAN, DON SEBESKY, and others. Bob Curnow, long-associated with Stanley and Creative World Publications is offering these great Kenton orchestral charts from his: SIERRA MUSIC. You may also want to purchase Bob’s L.A. BIG BAND CD. The Music of Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays. MAMA Foundation MMF 1009. Available from Sierra: PO Box 928, Port Townsend, WA 98368-0928, phone: 800-255-6551; International: 360-379-9774; FAX: 360-379-9782. E-Mail: — ... $15 which includes shipping and handling. Featured are: Bobby Shew, Bob Sheppard, Buddy Childers, Bill Cunliffe, Steve Houghton and more.

STAN KENTON: ARTISTRY IN RHYTHM: By Dr. William Lee, Executive Director of IAJE, has announced a newly re-issued Stan Kenton: Artistry in Rhythm. It has been published in soft-cover with editing by Audree Coke and foreword by Mort Sahl. It is available again. So if you have been looking for a copy, send check or money order in the amount of $19.95 plus $3.00 plus postage and handling to: IAJE, PO Box 724, Manhattan, KS 66502-0724.


Arranged for stage bands, is available. 12 arrangements from Private Library, Inc. publications, owned by Johnny and Eddie Safranski are now available in their original formats for schools (4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 4 rhythm, and sometimes a conductor’s score). The set of 12 includes: La Suerte de los Tontos, Dimples, Three Cornered Cat, To a Sleeping Beauty, Run Wild, Walk Softly, Recuerdos, the Moon Stood Still, El Congo Valiente, Sunday’s Child, Burrito Borracho, and Stage Twelve. Richards and Safranski had intended these for use by colleges, universities and high schools. They are being made available now. For your set, please send a check or money order in the amount of $90 made out to: Private Library, Inc., Anthony J. Agostinelli, 62 Valley Lane, Woodland Valley, Portsmouth, RI 02871-2731. The $90 covers cost of shipping and handling, and the remainder goes for the operations of THE NETWORK. [With permission of Erica Tonner (Safranski), Eddie’s daughter, acting on behalf of her father’s estate who has ownership of the printed copies of Private Library, Inc.]

MONOGRAPHS WRITTEN by Anthony J. Agostinelli. Send your request for: Stan Kenton: The Many Musical Moods of His Orchestras, to: Tony Agostinelli, 62 Valley Lane, Woodland Valley, Portsmouth, RI 02871-2731, USA. Cost has been set at $16.00 for handling and first class postage in the USA. . For the UK, Europe and other international locations an International Postal Money Order in the amount of £10 sterling will cover the costs (postage included); allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. For other parts of the world, use the USA rate as the basis for your computation. International postal money orders are easiest to change into USA currency. Also available are Agostinelli’s—Some Composer/Arrangers I Have Known and Eddie Safranski: A Retrospective—cost has been set at $16.00 for handling and first class postage in the USA. Same International rates as above. Contact Agostinelli at:

Epilogue: Thanks also are due to members of my family et al for their help in putting out THE NETWORK over the years: Barbara, Fiona, Maria, Denis, Kate, Frank, Francesca, Cecilia, Zoey, Mark, Debra, Mason, and Matt, Carmen and friend Dr. Ezekial Lipschitz.

[The Network XXVI put to bed: November 2003 — Fall!]

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