The Network

Anthony (Tony) J. Agostinelli, Editor
The Network was a newsletter about Stan Kenton, created by Tony for his family, friends, fans and alumni. It was published in “hard copy” from 1985 to 2002, when it moved to the digital realm until its final issue.

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Having become a regular for many years on WGBH-FM as a guest on MusicAmerica (Ron Della Chiesa was the host), I became the person in New England to go to for any information about Stan Kenton. I found myself answering phone calls and letters on various Kenton recordings, aspects of his professional life, alumni, and the like. By that time I had become part of a small network of those who knew about Kenton (Peter Newman, Jack Hartley, Pete Venudor, Arnie Chadwick, Michael Sparke and some few others).

Often, I found myself responding to similar questions and when I didn't know, I would myself contact others inside and out of this small group After awhile, it occurred to me that I would reproduce what I had written to one, to another, and so on. It began with a legal size page, folded, copied, and sent out. It progressed to a few more pages, and before you know it, many had asked that they also receive information. After a time, THE STAN KENTON NETWORK was born.

I eliminated STAN KENTON from the title, so's not to infringe upon Stan's name, image or body of work. I wasn't warned off, since it had emerged as a "fan letter," and these newsletters were welcomed by artists and performers. I had heard that some others who used name and images, were written letters in the name of the Kenton Estate, and I felt that what I was doing was important to the collected history of Kenton.

As the numbers increased world wide, so did the costs, and since I did not want to run a subscription piece, I relied on contributions...some sent stamps! When it grew to about 2,000 subscribers world wide, the digital age was concurrently growing, and the tekkies at my University suggested an e-mail list, which I began and the University hosted. The hard copy NETWORK eventually was supplanted by the Kenton-List.

The morphing from individual letters, multiple copies, THE STAN KENTON NETWORK, THE NETWORK, the Kenton-List, and the Yahoogroups List took many years.

— Anthony J. Agostinelli