Willie Maiden

Full name William Ralph Maiden
12 March 1928
Died 29 May 1976, Maine
Principle instrument sax
Kenton sideman yes

The Height of Ecstacy
Willie Maiden

Willie Maiden came to the Stan Kenton band in 1969. At the age of 41 he was a veteran among the youngsters of the Kenton band. Over the next four years he composed or arranged over twenty-five titles. He wrote arrangements of several pop songs including Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now, Jimmy Webb’s Didn’t We, Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair and Theme from Love Story. There were a handful of original ballads, such as April Fool and Hymn To Her. And he wrote several original swingers including Kaleidoscope, Boilermaker, No Harmful Slide Effects, For Better and For Worster and his most popular, A Little Minor Booze. read more…

From the article, Willie Maiden and the New Old School, by Terry Vosbein.
Presented at the IAJE International Conference, New York, January 2004.

Arrangements & compositions created for Kenton

* indicates original composition

'N All That Jazz *
After You (1972) Four Freshmen Live at Butler
April Fool * (1971) Live at Brigham Young
Boilermaker * (1972) Live at Butler
Both Sides Now
Bygones *
(1968) Neophonic
Come Back to Me (1972) Four Freshmen Live at Butler
Didn’t We (1970) Live at Redlands
For Better and For Worster * (1973) featuring John Worster Birthday in Britain
Harold's Club or Bust *
The Height of Ecstasy *
(aka Orgasm) (1972) Live at Butler
Hymn to Her * (1972) Four Freshmen
I Have Dreamed
Kaleidoscope *
(1971) Live at Brigham Young
Keep on Truckin’ * (1970)
Koiby *
A Little Minor Booze *
(1970) Live at Redlands
Nineteen-Ten Ocean Front *
No Harmful Slide Effects *
(1973) Birthday in Britain
Scarborough Fair
She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain
(1972) Four Freshmen Live at Butler
Tenderly (1972) Live at Butler
Terry Talk * (1970) featuring Joe Ellis Live at Redlands
Theme from “Love Story” (1971) Live at Brigham Young
There Will Never Be Another You (1972) Four Freshmen Live at Butler
Walk Softly (1972) Four Freshmen Live at Butler
Watch What Happens (1973)
We’ve Only Just Begun
Willow Weep for Me
The Windmills of Your Mind (1970)
You Deserve a Break Today