The Arrangers

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Stan Kenton

Dave Barduhn

Dee Barton

Ralph Carmichael

Joe Coccia

Frank Comstock

Bob Curnow

Dale Devoe

Sam Donahue

Wayne Dunston

Bill Fritz

Bob Graettinger

Ken Hanna

Neal Hefti

Bill Holman

Gene Howard

Hank Levy

Willie Maiden

Bill Mathieu

Gerry Mulligan

Boots Mussulli

Lennie Niehaus

Johnny Richards

Joe Rizzo

Shorty Rogers

Gene Roland

Pete Rugolo

Bill Russo

Charlie Shirley

Steve Spiegl

Ray Starling

Mark Taylor

Al Yankee

Ralph Yaw

Additional arrangers and composers

Arrangers and composers who contributed to the Neophonic Concert Repertoire

The Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra was the world’s first permanent resident Jazz Orchestra. It presented three seasons of contemporary music to audiences at the brand new Dorothy Chandler Center for the Performing Arts. Four concerts were presented in 1965, and four more in 1966. After a hiatus in 1967, the Orchestra returned for thee concerts in 1968.

Van Alexander
Dee Barton
Louis Bellson
Ralph Carmichael
Alf Clausen
Frank Comstock
Bob Cooper
Don Dimick
Don Ellis
Bob Enevoldsen
Allyn Ferguson
Clare Fischer
Bob Florence
Louis Fratturo
Bill Fritz
Gil Fuller
Russ Garcia
Dick Grove
Dave Grusin
Friedrich Gulda
Dan Haerle
Ken Hanna

J. Hill
Bill Holman
Calvin Jackson
Bill Jolly
Jimmy Jones
Roger Kellaway
Stan Kenton
Jim Knight
Julian Lee
Michel Legrand
Willie Maiden
Franklyn Marks
Bob Mayer
Gil Melle
Kenneth Miller
Hugo Montenegro
Lyn Murray
Dick Nash
Oliver Nelson
Lennie Niehaus
Marty Paich
Richard Peaslee

Ralph Pena
Don Piestrup
Jay Pruit
Jack Quigley
Johnny Richards
Nelson Riddle
Raoul Romero
Shorty Rogers
Pete Rugolo
Paul Ruhlan
Bill Russo
Lalo Schrifrin
George Shearing
Ray Sherman
Chuck Spondor
Morty Stevens
Duane Tatro
Tommy Vig
Jack Wheaton
John Williams
Gerald Wilson
Earl Zindars