Charlie Shirley

Born 19 October 1920, Quincy, Massachusetts
Died 23 December 1994, Osprey, Florida
Principle instrument
Kenton sideman no

Ride On!
Mark Taylor

“Stan hired me to try and develop a ‘pop’ style for the band, and assured me he’d use anything I came up with in the way of experimental stuff, pop or jazz. We experimented with woodwinds and classical voicings, and I feel I had some influence on the direction he finally swung into after the war.”

— Charlie Shirley

Arrangements & compositions created for Kenton

* indicates original composition

all titles are from 1942-43

Be Careful, It's My Heart
Call for Mr. T
Can't Get Out of This Mood
Dolly Mitchell vocal
Constantly Red Dorris vocal
Could It Be You Red Dorris vocal
Don't Worry Red Dorris vocal
Five O’clock Drag
Four or Five Times Dolly Mitchell vocal
Full Moon
The Goon Came On
* not confirmed by Shirley
Hip, Hip HoorayI Dolly Mitchell vocal
Hit That Jive, Jack Red Dorris vocal
I Don't Want to Walk Without You Red Dorris vocal
I Get the Neck of The Chicken
I Had the Craziest Dream

I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City Dolly Mitchell vocal
I Never Mention Your Name, Oh No Red Dorris vocal
If You Please Red Dorris vocal
In My Arms not confirmed by Shirley
In the Blue of Evening Red Dorris vocal
Jersey Bounce
Just as Though You Were Here
Red Dorris vocal
Keep'Em Swingin'

Mister Five by Five Dolly Mitchell vocal
Moon at Noon
Moonlight Becomes You
Red Dorris vocal
Moonlight Mood Red Dorris vocal
Murder, He Says Dolly Mitchell vocal
Paper Doll
Ride On Dolly Mitchell and band vocal
She's A Bombshell from Brooklyn (and not from Brazil) Dolly Mitchell vocal
Shoo Shoo Baby Dolly Mitchell vocal
The Steam Is on The Beam
Sweet Eloise