Some others along the way

Patti Dugan

One or two weeks in February/March 1945

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Jean La Salle

March 1945

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Helen Carr

16 June 1952 – 14 July 1952

Carr replaced Jerri Winters and left a short month later when Kay Brown came on board,

Don't Worry 'Bout Me (arr. Pete Rugolo)
22 June 1952
The Bob Snyder Show

Everything Happens To Me (arr. Bill Russo)
22 June 1952
The Bob Snyder Show

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Jan Tober

January – February 1958

Tober, while still a teen, temporarily replaced Ann Richards and was showcased in performances and broadcasts from the Rendezvous Ballroom during the early days of 1958. “The Stan Kenton Show” aired weekly on KTTV-TV, live from the Rendezvous Ballroom, as Kenton searched for the recognition in popular music he once enjoyed.

“Jan Tober, a new Kenton discovery, is featured femme vocalist, and Kent Larson [sic] handles the male singing chores along with the Modern Men.” —Terry Vernon, Long Beach Independent, 16 January 1958.

Nice Work If You Can Get It (arr. Bill Holman)
5 Feb 1958

Out of This World (arr. Bill Holman)

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Cindy Bradley

(Mrs. Bill Fritz)

Sang on several dates in 1967 and 68.