Red Dorris

Howard Dorris


July 1941 – 2 April 1944
13 August 1946 – 15 January 1947

“Really the star of the first Kenton band, and a tremendous talent.” —Milt Bernhart

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Flamingo (arr. Stan Kenton)
6 January 1942

Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me (arr. Frank Comstock)
19 November 1943

“The most unflattering of the four sides for the band [This Love of Mine]. Weak vocal of Red Dorris doesn't help the disk any.” —Record Review. Billboard, 8 November 1941

“Red Dorris is fair hot tenor man and sings the ballad vocals, but not very well. Diction ls harsh and voice unmusical.” —D. Carter, Billboard, 14 February 1942.

“Red Dorris, though not a great singer, is an exciting tenor-man, the most improved soloist in the band. Obviously a Hawkins admirer, he produces some of the most thrilling jazz emanating from the Kenton bandstand.” —George T. Simon, Metronome, August 1942.

“Dorris is not a ballad singer. He is a rhythm or blues singer, as he proved so emphatically on the closing St. Louis Blues. He was absolutely superb on that.” —George T. Simon, Metronome, January 1943.

“Lad has a natural blues appeal in his pipes and provides it [Do Nothin' 'Til You Hear From Me] with the sultry setting it calls for.” —Record Review. Billboard, 22 January1944.

“Howard (Red) Dorris of the Stan Kenton crew is slated to join the military this month in Los Angeles. He handles all the tenor sax and much of the vocal solo work within the S.K. band.
Benny, Milton. “Hollywood Periscope.” Metronome, January 1944.

“Dolly Mitchell, currently with Kay Kaiser, married Howard (Red) Dorris, former Kenton tenor who just entered the Army.” —Metronome, April 1945.

Recordings with Kenton

C.P. Macgregor Transcriptions

Cancel the Flowers (arr. Joe Rizzo) 6 January 1942
Cloud Across the Moon (arr. Ralph Yaw) 29 December 1941
Don't Want That Woman Around (arr. Joe Rizzo) 20 September 1941
Flamingo (arr. Stan Kenton) 6 January 1942
Hold Back the Dawn (arr. Stan Kenton) 6 January 1942
If I Had Love (arr. Stan Kenton) 29 December 1941
It Seems to Me (arr. Ralph Yaw) 29 December 1941
Love Turns Winter To Spring (arr. Stan Kenton) 10 October 1941
Memphis Lament (arr. Stan Kenton) 10 October 1941
Mine (arr. Ralph Yaw) 1941.12.29
Moon Mist (arr. Joe Rizzo) 10 October 1941
Night (arr. Ralph Yaw) 20 September 1941
No Tears (arr. Joe Rizzo) 6 January 1942
Stop Your Teasin' (arr. Joe Rizzo) 29 December 1941
Summer Idyll (arr. Stan Kenton) 24 November 1941
Would It Make Any Difference To You (arr. Stan Kenton) 6 January 1942
You Alone (arr. Stan Kenton) 20 September 1941

AFRS "Downbeat" Studio Recording

Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me (arr. Frank Comstock) 3 November 1943
I’ll Be Around (arr. Stan Kenton) 3 November 1943


This Love of Mine (arr. Joe Rizzo) 9 November 1941


Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me (arr. Frank Comstock) 19 November 1943

Other songs

Constantly (arr. Charlie Shirley)
Could It Be You (arr. Charlie Shirley)
Don't Worry (arr. Charlie Shirley)
Hit That Jive, Jack (arr. Charlie Shirley)
I Don't Want to Walk Without You (arr. Charlie Shirley)
I Left My Heart at The Stage Door Canteen (arr. Ken Hanna) 1942
I Never Mention Your Name, Oh No (arr. Charlie Shirley)
If You Please (arr. Charlie Shirley)
In the Blue of Evening (arr. Charlie Shirley)
It Seems To Me (arr. Ralph Yaw) 1941
Just as Though You Were Here (arr. Charlie Shirley)
Mine (arr. Ralph Yaw) 1941
Moonlight Becomes You (arr. Charlie Shirley)
Moonlight Mood (arr. Charlie Shirley)
Night (arr. Ralph Yaw) 1940
One Dozen Roses (arr. Ken Hanna) 1942