Anita O'Day

Anita Belle Colton
18 October 1919, Kansas City, Missouri

23 November 2006, Los Angeles, California
New York Times obituary

28 April 1944 – 11 Feb 1945

Additional times with Kenton
O’Day appeared numerous times as special guest with the Kenton band.

Fresh off of a star outing as Gene Krupa’s vocalist, Anita O’Day joined the Kenton band and the hits continued.

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And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (arr. Buddy Baker)
8 January 1944

Travelin' Man (arr. Gene Roland)
16 January 1945

“Anita O’Day has joined Stan Kenton’s orchestra as featured vocalist after a year, on her own, working as a single in night clubs and theaters. The uninhibited-styled former Gene Krupa chanteuse joined the Kenton orchestra April 28 at the Aragon Ballroom in nearby Ocean Park and will be heavily billed as an attraction in her own right. Stan also hired Gene Howard, a baritone to handle the vocals which Howard (Red) Dorris once sang. Dorris is in the army.” — Metronome, May 1944

“Anita O’Day was slated to join Stan Kenton April 28, replacing Dolly Mitchell. Anita, a good jazz stylist, left Gene Krupa here last year and since then has been working chiefly in niteries as a solo act.” —Down Beat, 1 May 1944

“Anita O’Day scampered through Straighten Up and Fly Right, kicked in her own forthright, infectious way through a blues. Anita’s enormous jazz talents have been too often underscored in these pages to need further description here. It should he said, however, that she has never sounded to better advantage than she does with this fine band.” —Metronome, October 1944

Capitol recordings with Kenton

And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (arr. Buddy Baker) 1944
Are You Livin' Old Man (arr. Gene Roland) 1944
Gotta Be Getting' (arr. Gene Roland) 1944
I Want A Grown-Up Man (arr. Gene Roland) 1945
I'm Going Mad For A Pad (arr. Joe Rizzo) 1944
Travelin' Man (arr. Gene Roland) 1945

Other songs

It Ain’t Necessarily So (arr. Ken Hanna) 1944
On the Sunny Side of The Street (arr. Ken Hanna) 1944
Straighten Up and Fly Right (arranger unknown)1944)

C.P. Macgregor Transcriptions

And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (arr. Buddy Baker) 1945
Blues (Singing the Blues) (arr. Dave Matthews) 1945
Build It Up, Paint It Nice, Tear It Down (arr. Ken Hanna) 1944
I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City (arr. Charlie Shirley) 1944
I'm Going Mad For A Pad (arr. Joe Rizzo) 1945
In A Little Spanish Town (arr. Dave Matthews) 1944
Ride On (arr. Charlie Shirley) 1944
Special Delivery (arr. Stan Kenton) 1945
Tabby the Cat (arr. Gene Roland) 1945
You Betcha (arr. Stan Kenton) 1944

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Paul Weston, Anita O’Day and Stan Kenton

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