Stan Speaks

Kenton was a master speaker, whether it was to cheering throngs from the stage, or in one on one interviews. He had a message and he had an eloquence that made everything he said sound like an edict from on high.

This is just a small sampling of the many thousands of interviews that Kenton participated in over his long career. If anyone has additional audio interviews with Kenton, please let me know. It would be great for this page to continue to grow.

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Interview with Willis Conover

WWDC Radio Station
Washington DC, 14 January 1947

Interview in Amsterdam, 1953

Interview in Paris, 1953


KBIG Los Angeles, 1964

Blindfold test with Leonard Feather


Interview with Jim Toman

Broadcast in 1971 on KJAZ-FM, Berkley, California.
Kenton was in town for a performance at the Claremont Hotel.

Interview with Bob Foskett

July 1972

Part 1

Part 2

Stan Kenton speaks with Bob Morgan about Bob Graettinger

27 March 1973

Jazz Capsule
Interview with Gerald Wilson and Dennis Smith

27 May 1973


RIAS Berlin, 23 September 1973

Interview with Leigh Kamman

Prom Ballroom
Saint Paul, Minnesota 1977

Kenton announces the break up of his final band

Orange Coast College
Costa Mesa, California
13 August 1978

Some words from Pete Rugolo

Interview with Terry Vosbein

At Rugolo’s home in Sherman Oaks, California, Summer 2000