The Sixties

Monday, 24 April 2000, 3pm – The Great Hall

The concert began with Murray Patterson introducing Milt Bernhart who then gave us some humourous comments and his own lyrics and band reminiscences set to a Stephen Sondheim song.


1. I’m Still Here (Stephen Sondheim; new lyrics by Bernhart)
solo: Milt Bernhart (vocal)

2. Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)

3. You Took Advantage of Me (arr. Niehaus)
solo: Trujillo

4. Lullaby of Broadway (arr. Niehaus, 1958)
solo: Nightingale

5. Pennies from Heaven (arr. Niehaus, 1953)
solo: Candoli

6. Hey There! (arr. Niehaus, 1958)
solo: Baltazar

7. Recuerdos
(Johnny Richards, 1956)
solos: Niehaus, Childers, Whigham

8. Stairway to the Stars (arr. Holman, 1961)
solo: Gabe Baltazar

9. On the Street Where You Live (arr. Niehaus, 1958)
solo: Childers

10. The End of a Love Affair (arr. Niehaus, 1959)
solo: Niehaus

11. Cherokee (arr. Holman, 1954)
solo: Niehaus

12. Tribute to Kenton (comp. Niehaus, 1992)
solos: Vinter, Trujillo, Vax


The All Star Rendezvous Jazz Orchestra
Directed by Lennie Niehaus

Saxophone Bill Trujillo (ts), Alan Barnes (bar), Gabe Baltazar (as), Marti Williams (ts), Jay Craig (bar)

Simon Gardner, Mike Vax, Buddy Childers, Tony Fisher, Darren Lloyd

Jim Amlotte, Mark Nightingale, Jiggs Whigham/ Don Reed,* Gordon Campbell, John Higgingbotham

* Reed swaps with Whigham after Lullaby of Broadway

Piano Andy Vinter

Bass Roy Babbington

Drums Jerry L. McKenzie

Guitar Mike Eaves

Latin Perc. Jim Lawless