The Forties

Monday, 22 April 2000, 8pm – The Great Hall


1. Introduction by Milt Bernhart

2. Buddy Childers introduces the members of the orchestra.

3. Artistry in Rhythm (Stan Kenton)

4. Minor Riff (Pete Rugolo)
solos: Candoli, Trujillo

5. Elegy for Alto (Rugolo)
solo: Baltazar

6. Opus in Pastels (Kenton)

7. Collaboration (Rugolo)
solos: Vinter, Whigham

8. Intermission Riff (Ray Wetzel)
solos: Trujillo, Candoli, Baltazar, Vinter, McKenzie

9. Concerto to End All Concertos (Kenton)
solos: Trujillo, Vax, Baltazar, Babbington

10. I'm In the Mood for Love
solo: Childers

11. Trees
solo: Childers, vocal

12. Jump for Joe (Gene Roland)
solos: Williams, Childers

13. Interlude (Rugolo)
solo: Vinter

14. Machito (Rugolo)
solos: Campbell, Watkins, Childers

break due to end of video camera tape

15. Medley: Eager Beaver/Opus in Chartreuse/Dynaflow

16. Artistry in Rhythm (Kenton)

17. Closing thanks from Murray Patterson


The All Star Rendezvous Jazz Orchestra
Directed by Buddy Childers

Saxophone Bill Trujillo, Alan Barnes, Gabe Baltazar, Martin Williams, Jay Craig

Conte Candoli, Mike Vax, Derek Watkins, Tony Fisher, Simon Gardner

Jim Amlotte, Mark Nightingale, Jiggs Whigham, Gordon Campbell, John Higginbotham

Piano Andy Vinter

Bass Roy Babbington

Drums Jerry L. McKenzie

Percussion Jim Lawless