The West Coast All Stars

Directed by Vic Lewis

Sunday, April 11, 8pm – The Great Hall

Part 1

Part 2


Murray Patterson gives a potted history of Vic Lewis' life followed by a short speech by Vic Lewis who then introduces the band one at a time who come onto the bandstand and start playing (Note: Pete Cater lent his band's music stands to Vic and his WCA's)

1. You and Me (Andy Martin)

2. Wilder (Christian Jacob)

3. Line for Lewis (Andy Martin)

4. Still By Me (Christian Jacob)

5. All For You (Carl Saunders)

Rob Pronk conducts next tune
Lotus Blossom
Not on DVD as camcorder tape ran out

+++ Interval +++

1. My Ideal (arr. Bill Perkins)

2. Wait 'Til You See Her (Rodgers, arr. Bill Perkins)

Vic Lewis introduces Johnny Keating who conducts the next tune

3. ??

4. Johnny Keating introduces two tunes from the suite of four tunes for his film score for the film ‘Hotel’

5. Johnny Keating makes a presentation to Vic from Johnny Mandel of the signed short score for 'Melt Away' which the band plays. Murray Patterson then intervenes and asks for a big hand for some of Vic's old band members such as Stan Reynolds, Pete Warren, Teddy Holling, Johnny Keating and Ronnie Chamberlain who are present tonight.

6. The Sizzler (Bill Holman)

7. Closing thanks from Murray Patterson


Saxophone Pete Christlieb, Lanny Morgan, Bill Perkins

Trumpet Carl Saunders, Ron Stout

Trombone Andy Martin

Piano Christian Jacob

Bass Trey Henry

Drums Bob Leatherbarrow