Bill Holman All Star Big Band

Monday, 12 April 1999, 8pm – The Great Hall

Part 1

Part 2


1. No Joy in Mudville (Bill Holman)
solos: Nightingale, Barnes

2. Bill Holman introduces the band members

3. Any Dude'll Do (Bill Holman)
solos: Barnes, Morgan

4. Straight No Chaser (Monk, arr. Holman)
solos: Whittle, Nightingale

5. Moon of Manakoora (arr. Holman)
solos: Whittle, Martin

6. If You Could See Me Now (Dameron, arr. Holman)
solo: Stout

7. Bemsha Swing (Monk, arr. Holman)
solos: Jacob, Stout, Leatherbarrow, Perkins

8. Rhythm-a-ning (Monk, arr. Holman)
solos: Jacob, Christlieb

+++ Interval +++

1. Make My Day (Bill Holman)
solos: Martin, Whittle

2. Friday The Thirteenth (Monk, arr. Holman)
solos: Stout, Perkins

3. Happy Birthday (arr. Holman)
solos: Gardner, Nightingale

The 'Kenton' arrangement, followed by the appearance of a birthday cake with '80' in candles on it for Vic to blow out.

4. Lightning
solos: Stout, Whittle

5. But Beautiful (arr. Holman)
solo: Christlieb
(arr. Holman)

6. Georgia On My Mind (Carmichael, arr. Holman)
solos: Perkins, Gardner

7. Just Friends (arr. Holman)
solos: Jacob, Henry


8. Any Dude'll Do (Bill Holman)
solos: Barnes, Morgan

Closing thanks from Bill Holman who hopes to be back to celebrate Vic's 90th birthday!


Saxophone Pete Christlieb, Tommy Whittle (UK), Lanny Morgan, Bill Perkins, Alan Barnes (UK)

Ron Stout, Carl Saunders, Tony Fisher (UK), Simon Gardner (UK)

Mark Nightingale (UK), Gordon Campbell (UK), Andy Martin, John Higginbotham (UK)

Christian Jacob

Trey Henry

Drums Bob Leatherbarrow