These DVD video recordings were made to preserve three wonderful days of music making which would otherwise have disappeared into the ether for ever and just have remained memories which fade with the passage of time. They were recorded initially on a Sony Digital8 TRV110E camcorder using Hi8 MP and ME tapes. The camcorder was hand held to enable close up shots to be taken of soloists etc and to allow continuous filming. This has unavoidably resulted in some unsteady camera work in certain instances! Where a couple of tunes are incomplete it is usually due to the tape ending before the tune! It was also necessary to stretch my aching and cramped limbs between numbers so it was inevitable that some of the announcements have not been preserved.

There are some discrepancies where I have not been able so far to verify the personnel or to determine the correct tune title.

Thanks are due to Murray Patterson and John Healey for all their hard work in organising this celebration and to the musicians themselves for some wonderful music making.

– Tony Pearson

Schedule of events

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Saturday, 10 April 1999, 8pm
BBC Big Band
Directed by Barry Forgie

Sunday, April 11, 8pm
The West Coast All Stars
Directed by Vic Lewis

Monday, 12 April 1999, 11am
Dave Newton Trio & Guests

Monday, 12 April 1999, 8pm
Bill Holman’s All Star Big Band
Directed by Bill Holman